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Where is Longyan suitable for dating? Longyan is a place suitable for lovers

Longyan City, also known as the west of Fujian, is located in the west of Fujian. It is located at the junction of Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces. It borders Zhangzhou and Quanzhou in the East, Meizhou in Guangdong in the south, Ganzhou in Jiangxi in the West and Sanming in the north. The location of Longyan determines that this place is more suitable for tourism, and Longyan is a very suitable city for dating. So, where is Longyan suitable for dating?

Storied Building of Yongding

Yongding Tulou is located in hongkeng village, Hukeng Town, Yongding District, Longyan city. This is Hakka county. There are many Hakka people here, and it is the county with the most Tulou in Fujian. The houses here are unique in the world. The round earth buildings are the most spectacular and can resist typhoon and earthquake.

Ancient houses in Peitian

Peitian ancient dwellings, located in Peitian village, Xuanhe Township, Liancheng County, Longyan City, are the most complete ancient dwellings. Peitian village has a history of more than 800 years, and there are few villagers. However, these ancient dwellings are well preserved.

GuanZhai mountain

The topography of Longyan is very peculiar. Liancheng * Guan Zhi Shan is represented by it. It is a Danxia scene parallel to Wuyishan. A precipice meet the eye everywhere, but the fire is not very prosperous. But there are many academies, and stone inscriptions are everywhere. Luo Congyan * s handwriting is written by himself.

Ancient city of Changting

Changting ancient city is a very suitable place to visit in holidays. The strong festival atmosphere at night plus neon lights, with various buildings, the whole atmosphere is very different, and the taste of many local specialties in the ancient city is well received!

Changting County Food Street

Of course, there are many special snacks in Changting County, such as pearl balls, burnt chunks, taro dumplings, Changting River chicken, taro silk, lantern cake, potato cake, etc. Take a walk here to satisfy your stomach.