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Is Gulangyu expensive? How much is Gulangyu for one night?

Gulangyu is a landmark scenic spot in Xiamen. Many people go to Xiamen for this scenic spot. It's a block combining life and art. It has been listed in the world heritage list. It has the reputation of "sea garden". Do many tourists think that Gulangyu's accommodation is expensive when they travel? How much does kulangsu cost for a night?

Is it necessary for kulangsu to stay for one night

In general, it's most appropriate to arrange a 1-2-day visit to kulangsu. Most tourists choose to stay on the island for one night. Kulangsu covers an area of only 1.78 square kilometers, which is not very large. If you don't spend the night on the island, you can visit the island in one day. However, since there is no substitute on the island, you will be tired when you return, so it's more appropriate to stay on the island for one night Have more time to learn more about the island.

How much is the accommodation for kulangsu for one night

Gulangyu has a lot of accommodation options. There are all kinds of accommodation conditions, which meet all kinds of consumers. The house prices range from 100 yuan to 1000 yuan, mostly 500-800 yuan. Good houses in peak season will not only increase their prices, but also be very popular. However, many travelers are keen on the small family hotels here. The prices are mostly between 100-300 yuan. They are economical and full of sentiment. The choice of rooms depends on their own consumption budget.

It's a question that many people have been wondering whether it's necessary to stay in kulangsu for one night. In fact, the most appropriate suggestion is to stay for one night, and have enough time to rest the next day's fatigue. After all, it's not comfortable to experience the round trip too fast.