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Which province does Puzhehei belong to? What's the best month to go?

For Yunnan, which has famous scenic spots such as Dali, Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain, etc., Puzhehei is obviously out of the question. However, the shooting base of "three lives, three lives and ten li peach blossom" was also this place. Later, the broadcast of the variety show "where is Dad" made Puzhehei black. Puzhehei has the rural scenery of karst landscape. How many months will Puzhehei go? Which season is the most beautiful? Travel time of Puzhehei?

Puzhehei, located in the northwest of Qiubei County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province, is a typical karst landform, a newly developed scenic spot in Yunnan Province and a national 4A level scenic spot. Puzhehei central scenic area mainly includes 16 lakes of different sizes, such as Puzhehei lake, lotus lake, lantern lake, Xianrendong lake, Luoshuidong lake and Bailong lake. There are strange caves in the mountains and clear water in the caves. Among the scattered isolated peaks in the scenic area, there are 40 Li waterways, 10000 mu wild lotus, endless peach garden and the largest karst wetland in the world. It is known as' rare in the world, China's Unique rural landscape of karst landscape '. Zhuang, Yi, Miao, Yao and other simple and colorful ethnic customs can be seen in the area.

Go to Puzhehei in a few months

Every June to September is the season when the black lotus blooms. Thousands of acres of lotus are sprinkled on the water. The lotus leaves are green and colorful, which is very eye-catching. You can also experience the beautiful scenery of the green hills where the peach blossom is photographed in the third life, the third life and the tenth life.

In summer, the climate is pleasant, cool and comfortable. The average temperature is between 18 ℃ - 25 ℃. You can wear short sleeved trousers and a thin shirt with you when you go to Puzhehei. However, the local UV is strong. You should pay attention to sun protection. You must bring sunscreen when you travel. Puzhehei is a place where ethnic minorities live together. We suggest that you have a preliminary understanding of the local living habits and respect their living habits. In addition, it's better not to buy souvenirs in the scenic spot. It's suggested that more than one souvenir should be purchased in a large shopping mall to avoid being cheated.