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Where to see azalea in Shanghai? How long does the Rhododendron bloom in Shanghai?

The Rhododendron exhibition in Shanghai opened brilliantly in the Riverside Forest Park. Tens of thousands of rhododendrons and 20000 square meters of February orchid combined to form a dreamlike spring scene, which makes the largest Rhododendron Valley in China look like spring. So, where is Shanghai for azalea? How long does the Rhododendron bloom in Shanghai? Do you need tickets for azalea?

Into the Riverside Forest Park, as if into the boundless sea of flowers. In the cuckoo Valley, colorful flowers stretch for hundreds of meters, creating a beautiful scenery of drunken red slope against the background of green mountains and waters. Along the mountain path, stroll in the sea of flowers, and the wild fun of practicing around the knee is intoxicating.

This year's Rhododendron exhibition is themed with dreamlike riverside and celebrating birthday. The Rhododendron planted in this exhibition has gathered nearly 400 varieties from different latitudes in China and around the world, forming five color systems of purple, pink, red, white and yellow. Tens of thousands of rhododendrons will form a flower feast with the rising and falling terrain among streams, valleys, slopes and forests.

This year, Binjiang Forest Park specially expanded the planting of February orchid, presenting the elegant dream flower sea of nearly 20000 square meters for the first time, and the figure of February orchid is under the cherry blossom forest, the trestle road between the trees and beside the stream. In late April, the park's blue and purple flower sea will enter the best viewing period. Blue flax and cornflower will form a natural flower sea landscape. Perennial flowers such as binju, willow Verbena, jinjiju, echinacea and cuiluli will also bloom in succession, and the flowering period will continue into summer.

Wang Weiwei, Landscape Engineer of Binjiang Forest Park, said that the park adopts natural and regular planting methods, and sprinkles the seeds of flowers under the forest, riverside and hillside of the park, so as to create a natural rural ecological flower slope landscape for tourists.

The whole Rhododendron exhibition will last until May 5. During the exhibition, Binjiang Forest Park will jointly hold the exhibition with zuibaichi Park and Fangta Park, so that visitors can see the cultural charm of the combination of Rhododendron and classical garden.

Time: April 10 - May 5

Admission: 20 yuan

Location: No.3, Lingqiao Gaosha beach, Gaoqiao Town, Pudong New Area, Binjiang Forest Park, Shanghai

Located in the East China Sea, the Yangtze River and the Huangpu River, Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park is endowed with unique ecological environment resources. The Rhododendron Garden currently owned by the park is the largest Rhododendron Garden in East China with the largest planting area and the largest one in the National Park.

Various colors and varieties

The main exhibition area of the flower show is located in the center of the park, with a total area of nearly 100 mu. In previous years, there were mainly series of spring azalea varieties, including purple crane, white crane, pink crane, etc. It has formed six color systems, namely red, purple, pink, red, white and yellow, with flowers in clusters, corresponding to the water, light and stone landscape, so that the citizens who come to enjoy flowers can walk through the flower sea and present the visual feast in the annual forest.

Rhododendron planting in Binjiang Forest Park has a long history and rich varieties. There are nearly 400 varieties planted in the park, with various shapes and colors. Some flowers are as big as bowls and some are as small as buttons.