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Where is Dali Moon Palace? Is the moon palace open to the outside world?

Many visitors to Dali want to see the beautiful scenery of Moon Palace. So, do you know what it is? Where is Moon Palace? Is this place open to the outside world?

In fact, Moon Palace is a residence of Yang Liping, a famous dancer in China.

1. Introduction to Moon Palace in Dali

Facing Erhai Lake, the Moon Palace looks like a bright moon. The house is very secluded. It is built between the flowers and green leaves. There is a glass corridor facing the sky and exploring the sea. It is where Yang Liping does yoga and meditation. There is another world in the palace.

2、 Where is the Moon Palace in Dali

Sun Palace and Moon Palace are both located on Yuji island. Sun Palace is a special hotel that can be booked in. Moon Palace is a private residence, so there is no way to visit it. So it's worth watching the panorama on the Langqiao or Nanzhao style island!

3. Is Dali Moon Palace open to the outside world

At present, due to the renovation and management of Erhai ecological area in Dali, most of the scenic spots in the double corridor are closed and closed, and the Moon Palace is also within the closed range, and all the surrounding areas are closed. Therefore, it is not allowed to visit outside, let alone enter, but only take a long look. It is suggested to go again in a period of time.