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Is Dalian Jinshitan fun? How much is the ticket to Jinshitan?

Dalian is a place of fun. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Dalian can be a good summer resort. At the same time, everyone should know that the city's tourism is also hot. Dalian has many interesting scenic spots. Today, Xiaobian is going to talk about the 5A scenic spot in Dalian. Do you know this place?

Dalian Jinshitan Resort

Dalian Jinshitan resort is located in the northeast of Dalian. It's about 60 kilometers' drive from Dalian, and it takes about 1 hour for a single trip. Jinshitan resort covers an area of 120 square kilometers. The national level tourist resort established with the approval of the State Council in 1992 is far away from Dalian City, and because of the geological wonders formed 300-600 million years ago, there are national level geoparks, so there are not many residents and no factories here. Fresh air and unique geological landscape have also become one of the important tourist destinations.

Is Dalian Jinshitan fun

Dalian Jinshitan is located in Jinzhou District, Dalian. It's convenient to get here by bus, light rail or taxi. This is one of the reasons why people like to come here. Of course, it's not limited to this. Dalian Jinshitan is a very interesting place. It's surrounded by the sea on three sides and can enjoy the beautiful sea breeze At the same time, there are many scenic spots here. The most famous one is the discovery of the Kingdom theme park. Many tourists like to come here to have a day's fun. They can also take children to the beach to pick up beautiful pebbles. Moreover, it's a very suitable place for taking photos. Some children like to take photos are also very suitable to come here.

How much is the ticket for Dalian Jinshitan

As an administrative area, Jinshitan is open-ended and has no entrance ticket. The scenic spots in it generate tickets separately. There are paid attractions and free attractions, you can choose according to your own situation. There are a lot of Jinshitan tourism package tickets appearing on various websites, just a combination of tickets for each scenic spot of Jinshitan according to different situations. You can choose a package ticket, or you can choose to visit only individual scenic spots, or only enjoy the natural scenery

There are many kinds of tickets for Jinshitan in Dalian. Because Jinshitan tourist resort covers a large area and there are many scenic spots in the scenic area, the price of adult tickets for Jinshitan stone wax museum is about 80 yuan / person, while the price of adult tickets for Jinshitan Cultural Expo is about 180 yuan / person, which is only the price of a single scenic spot in the scenic area. There are also joint tickets for the resort and other tourism projects Price, which is relatively cost-effective, but also for small partners with plenty of time, the joint ticket price is generally around 200-400 yuan, which is also recommended.

Gold Coast -- a scenic spot of Jinshitan in Dalian

The gold coast is a beach formed along the coast of Jinshitan, which is 5 kilometers long. The gold coast of Jinshitan is open without tickets. The gold coast is divided into east coast and west coast. The east coast is a Geopark and breeding area, and the beach is a rock. The west coast is a fine beach, and the annual sand carving competition of Jinshitan is also held on the west coast of Jinshitan. In many comments, it is mentioned that the beach of Jinshitan is not good, and it is basically the east coast, because the scenic spots are concentrated on the east coast. So when you are making a tourism strategy for any place, don't just look at the simple comments of tourists who have only been to it once. No matter where you are, the comments you make on a simple one-day tour are definitely one-sided.