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Where is Zhengzhou Fangte happy world? How much is the entrance fee? How to buy the best ticket?

When it comes to Zhengzhou, where is it better to play? I believe that many people will think of Zhengzhou's Fangte, so, do you know where Zhengzhou's Fangte happy world is? How much is the ticket for Zhengzhou happy world? How to buy the best ticket?

Where is Zhengzhou Fangte happy world?

Zhengzhou Fangte happy world address: South of the intersection of Zhengkai Avenue and Wenren Road, Zhongmou County, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. Enter Fonterra, take you back to the dinosaur century, experience space travel, explore the special effects of film and television, and experience the magic of science fiction!

Zhengzhou Fangte happy world ticket: the full price ticket is 220 yuan / person, suitable for adults and minors over 1.5m (including 1.5m); children ticket is 160 yuan / person, children ticket: suitable for children over 120cm but under 150cm (1.2m & le; height < 1.5m). Children with height less than 1.2m and the elderly with age of & Ge; 70 (with valid ID card) are free of tickets. Free ticket holders are required to be accompanied by an adult with full fare. Each adult with a ticket is limited to one free person

Preferential policy

Children: height less than 1.2m (excluding 1.2m) [free]; 1.2m & le; height & lt; 1.5m [preferential].

Old people: old people over 70 years old need to show their old age card or ID card [free].

Disabled: the disabled who hold the first and second level disability certificates issued by the national disabled federation can enjoy free tickets, but they can enter the park only accompanied by an adult with full price ticket and guardianship ability (the guardian needs to show valid identity certificate for registration) [free].

The above information is for reference only, and the specific information is subject to the publicity on the day of the scenic spot.

Reservation restrictions

Due to the reservation restrictions of the scenic spot, the maximum number of tickets for the same order with the same entry date of each ID card is 5. If there are more than 5 tickets, please change the ID card number and place the order again.

Only 5 tickets can be booked for one ID card, and only one order can be booked for one ID card. If the ID card has been reserved in other websites, and the order is placed again, the reservation will fail and the ticket cannot be obtained!


Outdoor entertainment projects, vulnerable to the weather, please check the weather, thank you.

All projects in the park have corresponding riding requirements. Please follow the guidance of the park and pay attention to the arrangement according to your physical fitness. Thank you.