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What are the Hong Kong Internet red spots? Hong Kong's Internet red tourist attractions must be hit

Hong Kong should be one of the fastest-paced cities in Asia. Whether it's busy commuters in Central China, or the jingle car, or the Hong Kong Railway, which can almost be connected head to tail, or the Tianxing ferry, which comes to and goes to Victoria, all of them have marked the city with a "fast" sign. Even those who come here are bound to be brought to the pace. What are the Hong Kong online red spots? I'd like to recommend them to you.

Shek O

Hong Kong is fast-paced, but Shiao village is the opposite. Shiao is located in the southeast of Hong Kong Island, facing the vast Pacific Ocean. It used to be a small fishing village. Facing the coast, you can see the small fishing village along the Shiao beach.

Rainbow estate

Rainbow estate is one of the earliest public housing estates in Hong Kong. It is located in Wong Tai Sin District, Kowloon. It is the most 'colored' place in Hong Kong. The playground is made of bright blue and orange. The balcony of the building is also colorful and beautiful.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

The Hong Kong Cultural Center is not only a venue for performances and exhibitions, but also the most attractive one is its unique architectural structure, which makes a lot of people excited.

Nam Shan estate

Nanshan village is very popular with Hong Kong Cultural Youth. Many local people like to take photos here. The amusement facilities on the small playground are in the middle of the I-shaped building, making it the most classic net red shooting place.

West Ring swimming shed

After the opening of Xigang Island, the beauty here has gradually entered the public view. The islands in the distance and the lighthouse reflect each other. Usually only local people and some online red or small groups come here to shoot.

Little friends who come to Hong Kong must come to these places to play. These are the places where netred cards are punched.