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What's the cheapest thing to buy in Dubai? Dubai shopping list of the most worthy items

Dubai has the world's first seven-star hotel, the world's largest shopping center, the world's largest indoor ski resort, a steady stream of oil and important trade port status, which has brought great wealth to Dubai. Now Dubai has become a synonym for luxury. So, will it be very expensive to buy in Dubai? What's the most cost-effective way to buy in Dubai?

First of all, let me tell you that in Dubai, the common currency is dirhams. Dirhams don't need to be exchanged. It's enough to have a small amount of US dollars in hand to deal with taxi and tip. Of course, if you pay cash for shopping, you may get a better discount in the mall. There are also small differences in the discount of visa and master credit cards. Please pay attention.

What's cheaper to shop in Dubai: gold market

It seems that there are so many good things hidden in the place like Wantong. You'd better set aside half a day or so to carefully Taobao. The colorful gemstones here are gorgeous in color and exquisite in workmanship. There are many boutiques. Many shops can bargain. The shopkeeper is interested in bargain. What's more, I'm very honest. I won't use fakes, or make inferior ones. If you know gems, that's heaven. The gold ornaments and gems are mainly on the first floor, and the second floor are all small handicrafts, which can be seen or not. What's cheaper to shop in Dubai? What's the best deal?

Dubai has a lot of shopping malls, where you can buy a lot of luxury goods, expensive clothes, shoes and bags everywhere, and sometimes you may encounter discounts, so you can make money. You can also go to Dubai's locomotive market or gold street, which are famous gold markets. In the locomotive market and golden street, you can find many exquisite gold handicrafts, and there are many styles of gold jewelry. The price is cheaper than other countries, and the workmanship is also very exquisite, so you must find some gold to go home in Dubai. In fact, there are three large-scale shopping malls in Dubai with complete brands and various entertainment facilities, so when you are tired of shopping, you can go to the skating rink for a few rounds or visit the aquarium, which is very enjoyable.

For those who like shopping, Deira district will surely attract your attention. The gold market (Deira gold souq) is a famous place for selling gold ornaments. The gold ornaments here are called the best, cheapest and most diverse in the world; If you have ever visited Deira spice souq, I believe that all kinds of fragrances will definitely linger in your nose all day. In addition, the shopping places like Deira covered souq and naif souq with the style of Middle East market will definitely make all the shopping enthusiasts happy.

Tour time: 1 day, you can use a day to visit the market here, there may be a lot of harvest and surprises.

What's cheaper to shop in Dubai? Sailing Hotel Commodity gallery.

According to the domestic experience, the price of the hotel's goods will be higher than that of the shopping mall, but the price of the galley of the sailing hotel will be 5% lower than that of the shopping mall. Don't laugh. After the price comparison of a number of products, including Jijia's watch, Baoji watch cufflinks, Chopin watch, jewelry, Vertu mobile phone, etc., all are about 5% lower than the market price. It is said that it is a special treatment for hotel guests. Of course, if you don't stay here, you can only come in and shop through dinner.

Dubai is a shopping paradise in the Middle East because of its low import tax and no sales tax. Large shopping malls like Dubai and citycentre have all kinds of famous brands in the world. Famous brand goods are 30 to 40% cheaper than domestic ones, and the most worth buying are famous brand clothing, leather goods, cosmetics and utensils. There are many large-scale shopping malls and famous brand stores in Dubai. Due to tax exemption, the price of world famous brands in Dubai is still very affordable. Dubai airport's duty-free stores are open 24 hours a day and are among the largest in the world. Shopping in Dubai is much cheaper than in China, especially perfume, high-end cosmetics, designer clothes and leather clothing. It is at least twice as cheap as domestic ones without discount, and there are shopping festivals every January to March, and all products will be generally discounted. In addition to clothing, home appliances, computers, Arab carpets and other home products with Arabic flavor are also popular in Dubai Shopping. Their prices are generally 20% - 30% lower than domestic prices, but there may be problems such as inconvenient carrying or no Chinese manual, which depends on the specific situation. Large shopping malls such as Dubai and citycentre have all kinds of famous brands in the world. You can go for four or five hours on the first floor and bargain.

What's cheaper to buy in Dubai? The distance between Dubai's shopping malls is not too far. Generally, it can be done for 5-7 US dollars. The current exchange rate is 1 US dollar = 3.65 dirhams. Taxis don't change. Dubai is the only city with a few airports in the center of the city. No matter T1, T2 or T3, there are no airport buses in Dubai, but T1 and T3 can be taken by light rail. T2 is a bit more troublesome. There are buses but they don't run in the morning. You have to walk a long distance to find bus stop signs on the main road. If you land in Dubai in the morning, you'd better take a taxi. If you want to avoid the airport starting price of 20d, you have to walk to the road and take a taxi. The starting price is 3Di. What's cheaper to shop in Dubai? The best souvenir for Dubai?

What's cheaper to shop in Dubai? Souvenirs.

1) Camel souvenirs from Dubai. Camel is called the boat of the desert, the symbol animal of Arab countries. Although there are camels in various Arab countries, the camel souvenirs in Dubai are exquisite and of high quality. Metal, cloth, plastic, leather, rubber, large and small, high and short, all kinds of materials. The price is 20-80d.

2) Arabian coffee pot

Long mouth and thin body are the characteristics of Arabian coffee pot. It's made of metal. The bottle is made of gold and silver. There are also red patterns. It's a unique souvenir with Arabic style. The price is 30-100d.

3) Sand painting / sand bottle

Quicksand is an indispensable thing in desert areas all the year round. The wise Arabs accumulate sand and dye it into various colors for painting. Most of the sand paintings depict the scene of Arabs walking in the desert with their camels; and the sand bottle is a special commemoration for artists who write in the bottle with sand and write your name and Dubai. The price is 30-200 di.

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, with the world's largest shopping center and the world's largest indoor ski resort. Here you can enjoy luxurious seven-star hotel services, shuttle between high-end shopping malls and fairs, experience Dubai's customs and culture, sit in the seaside cafe and spend the afternoon leisurely, or take a plane to have a bird's-eye view of palm island, Driving an SUV in the desert to watch the camel race. The above is a compilation of Dubai Shopping strategies for you. After reading this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of what Dubai is most cost-effective to buy and what Dubai is cheap for shopping. Go to Dubai and start your luxury experience!