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How to play the three-day tour in Hangzhou? Best route of Hangzhou three day tour

Hangzhou is a well-known tourist city in China. At the same time, Hangzhou also has rich cultural heritage, which makes Hangzhou a city suitable for detailed taste. So in recent years, many people like to visit Hangzhou. So, do you know any interesting spots in Hangzhou? How to have the best three-day tour in Hangzhou?

Day1: West Lake -- Songcheng scenic spot

West Lake

The word "West Lake" is already a landscape. Everyone yearns for the beauty of the West Lake. As one of the first batch of national 5A tourist attractions and one of China's top ten scenic spots, one mountain, two towers, three islands, three dikes and five lakes outline the famous ten scenic spots of the West Lake. Nature and culture contrast each other, which is very beautiful. There are also three pools printed on the moon on the back of RMB one yuan note, which also reflects the special position of West Lake in Chinese scenic spots.

Hangzhou Songcheng tourist area

Hangzhou song city scenic spot takes the concept of "architecture as shape and culture as soul". In the city, one step at a time, the city features of Song Dynasty are restored. The folk culture performances in the palace, post station, shop workshop, Hongqiao, city tower, Xianshan, countryside and street reappear the prosperity of Bianjing and Lin'an in Song Dynasty.

Day2: Qiandao Lake Scenic Spot

Qiandao Lake ranks first among the great rivers and lakes in China in terms of quality water. It is a national first-class water body, which can reach the drinking water standard without any treatment. It is known as "the best beautiful water in the world". The lake water is clear, and there are many islands in the lake, with different shapes and different sceneries. Qiandao Lake is mainly a boat trip to the island. According to the cruise line, the scenic area is the Central Lake area and the southeast Lake area, with fixed lines and island attractions.

Day3: Wuzhen

Wuzhen, one of the four famous towns in the south of the Yangtze River, is an ancient town with a long history of more than 6000 years. White wall, Daiwa, small bridge and flowing water bring the breath of Chinese ink painting to our faces. The carved beams, picture houses, stone alleys and old houses witness the vicissitudes of history. Here, you can also feel the well preserved local culture of Wuyue ancient town, which is rich and charming, and worth a good experience.

Hangzhou is a place where beauty lies in the eyes and the heart. How to play the three-day tour in Hangzhou? Open up Hangzhou as a beautiful city with culture and landscape.