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Do you know Anhui Expressway free time? May 1st Anhui Yidu road starts

It will be a few days before May Day this year. Recently, according to the analysis of monitoring data over the years, the traffic volume of the high-speed road network in Anhui Province has been increasing year by year during the May Day holiday. The traffic police released the high-speed sections that are easy to be blocked in the province during the May Day holiday, and prompted the citizens to travel at wrong peak and pay attention to traffic safety during the holiday. So, which roads should you pay attention to? These places must be kept in mind?

Different from the previous years, this year's "May 1" holiday lasts from May 1 to May 4, a total of 4 days. During this period, the expressway is free of tolls for small passenger vehicles with less than 7 SEATS (including 7 seats). The Provincial Road police joint command center reminded that the free passage time is subject to the time when the vehicle leaves the high-speed exit. The vehicle owner does not need to stay at the upper crossing to wait for the free passage time to start, and the reasonable arrangement of the next time is enough. "If the free time is about to end and the destination is not reached, it is recommended to get off the expressway from the nearest exit, get the card again and then get on the expressway. '

According to the analysis of the monitoring data of the Provincial Road police joint command center over the years, the overall traffic flow of the high-speed road network during the May 1st holiday is increasing year by year. At the same time, this year's May Day holiday will increase by one day compared with previous years, and the public holiday travel will certainly increase. It is expected that from the afternoon of April 30, some citizens will choose to travel in advance, and the traffic volume will gradually increase. On May 1, there will be a small peak of travel, which is expected to be from 8 to 11 a.m. On the afternoon of May 4, the number of short-distance return passengers will begin to increase, with 15-18:00 as the peak.

During the holiday, the traffic flow of Huangshan, Jiuhua Mountain, Tianzhu Mountain, Tiantangzhai and other scenic spots, as well as some sections of he'an expressway, he'ning Expressway and wuhe'e expressway will increase. Congestion prone nodes include Baohe Avenue, Jinzhai Road, Shushan toll station of g4001 Ring Expressway, Yandian Lujiang section of g4212 he'an expressway, wangtie, zhegao, Chaohu section of g5011 Wuhe expressway, etc.

Among them, he'an, he'ning and wuhe-he expressway are all undergoing reconstruction and expansion projects. Restricted by the reduction of the number of lanes during the construction period, the traffic pressure is high and congestion is easy to occur. It is recommended that car owners avoid congestion prone nodes and plan routes in advance. In addition, due to the construction impact, some roads travel: the entrances and exits of Longtang toll station of g4001 ring expressway are totally closed, which is expected to end in September 2019; the entrances and exits of wangtie toll station of g5011 Wuhe expressway are totally closed, which is expected to end in August 2019; the two-way fengle service area of g4212 he'an expressway is completely closed, which is expected to end in October 2019; The entrance from Lujiang toll station of g4212 he'an Expressway to Hefei and the exit from Anqing and Tongling to Hefei are closed. It is expected that the "May 1st" holiday will be resumed after the end of April 30. Anhui part of easy blocking node tips want to play well to avoid these indispensable!

Tips for some easily blocked nodes

G4001 ring expressway: Baohe Avenue, Jinzhai Road, Shushan toll station; section from Baohe avenue to xiaoxichong

G36 Ningluo expressway: Chuzhou section, Bengbu north to mohekou section

G40 Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway: heliuye section airport to Gaoliu

G4212 he'an expressway: Yandian Lujiang section

G5011 Wuhe expressway: wangtie, zhegao and Chaohu sections

G50 Shanghai Chongqing Expressway: Tongling section along the river, Guangde Xuancheng section of Xuanguang section

S12 Chuxin expressway: Shouyang Huaihe River Bridge section

S22 Tianqian expressway: Qingxi section