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Where can I travel freely abroad on May 1? The four most suitable countries for foreign travel

This May Day holiday has four days. Although there is no way to go to distant countries in four days, neighboring countries can also go for a walk, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. of course, it is also good to go to Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc. in the north. So, which countries are suitable for May 1 free travel this year? These countries should be good choices


Russia is the largest country in the world. Its coastline stretches from the Arctic Ocean to the North Pacific Ocean, including the inland sea, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, covering a wide range of geographical environments. It has the world's largest forest reserve and a lake containing about one quarter of the world's fresh water. It is rich in natural resources, diverse in landscape, as well as a large number of historical and cultural sites The cultural city landscape and the special scenery of the North attract many tourists to visit Russia.


Due to the implementation of the semi closed policy, North Korea is very mysterious in the international community, and the outside world knows little about the real face of North Korea, which to a certain extent drives the tourism industry of North Korea. The Korean Peninsula was once known as the "three thousand li splendid River and mountain". Korea, which accounts for half of the river and mountain, has beautiful scenery and rich natural tourism resources. The main famous mountains in North Korea are mount Kumgang, Miaoxiang, Qibaoshan, September mountain, etc. mount Kumgang is majestic and majestic, showing masculine spirit; mount Miaoxiang is wonderful and soft. There are Yalu River, the boundary river between China and Korea, Datong River and Qingchuan river. What's more distinctive about North Korea is the cultural landscape here, which sets off the glorious image of the country's leaders. In North Korea, you can see the shadow of China. The square of Kim Il Sung in the center of Pyongyang is quite similar to the square of Tian'anmen in Beijing. In addition, North Korea, which still has a planned economy of public ownership, still needs to buy it by ticket, just as it did before China's reform and opening up. Many middle-aged and old Chinese will come to North Korea to recall the past, while young people are attracted by the mystery of North Korea and want to come here to experience it.


Thailand is a Buddhist country. With its changeable scenery and rich cultural connotation, it has become a unique choice in many tourists' holiday plans.

Thailand is known as the country of Buddhism, elephant and smile in the world.

Thailand is a country of thousands of Buddhas with temples, a country of smiles based on belief, an island, delicious food and unique culture, which is a natural tourist country.

Thailand is rich in tourism resources, with more than 500 scenic spots. In addition to Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai, a number of new tourist spots, such as Chiang Rai, Hua Hin and Koh Samui, have developed rapidly. It attracts many foreign tourists.


Because of its long and narrow terrain, Vietnam reflects the different customs of the country from south to north. There are not only breathtaking mountain scenery, but also leisure and comfortable beach scenery. Many cities integrate the Oriental mystery and French romance. Five scenic spots are listed as world cultural and natural heritage by UNESCO; At the same time, there are many agricultural products in Vietnam, and the fruits are of high quality and low price. The seafood here is also the favorite of tourists, and the price is almost the lowest among Southeast Asian countries.

In Vietnam, there are many praised tourist cities that make tourists linger. Hanoi, the capital city, is quiet and leisurely, full of socialist characteristics; there are a large number of French buildings left in Ho Chi Minh City, full of French style; xialongwan is known as Guilin on the sea; nhazhuang is a coastal city with a variety of customs; MANET is the favorite seaside resort city of the local people... Every place will have a place for tourists.