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Is it hot to visit Shanxi on May 1st? May 1st Shanxi Tourism strongest strategy comes!

We all know that when the holiday comes, people like to go out and travel. At this time, the popular tourist cities must be full of people, At this time, we should avoid these places and go to some places where there are few scenic and beautiful people. Shanxi Province is a good choice. Shanxi has no hot days in southern cities, and the temperature is more suitable for tourism. So, do you know which places are suitable for traveling to Shanxi? These places are quite good.

May 1st Taiyuan tourist route

First stop: Shanxi Provincial Museum

To a city, whenever time permits, you should visit the local museum, which is the most correct way to learn about local history and customs. The design of Shanxi Museum, which is tilted outwards layer by layer, appears far in front of our eyes. The designers give it the meanings of "dou" and "Ding", which symbolize harvest and happiness, and "Ding" symbolizes stability and auspiciousness. The basic display here is based on the clue of "Jin soul", which is divided into seven historical and cultural topics, including the cradle of civilization, traces of Xia and Shang Dynasties, the occupation of Jin State, the melting pot of the nation, the charm of Buddhism, the hometown of opera, and Jin and Shang Dynasties in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Shanxi is said to be the province with the largest number of cultural relics under protection. There must be good things. Let's see what treasures are here. (it's forbidden to bring liquid into the museum. It's closed on Monday, let alone I didn't remind you.)

Second stop: Food Street

The landmark of 'Taiyuan' on the tip of your tongue -- [food street], a square you want to go to again, wrapped in the flow of people shopping in Liuxiang, through the bustling business district of Gulou Street, into the ancient building board of food street, a building system full of Ming and Qing style will jump in front of you. This is the food street that Taiyuan people often talk about. It is the place where many old Taiyuan people remember their food. As the night slowly falls, the food street ushers in its bustling time, the food lovers come here to warm up their taste buds with food and enjoy the stimulation of different kinds of food to taste buds. The hustle and bustle of people make people feel that food street is a huge food city with no end. You will feel that your stomach is not enough to hold so many delicious food. You have to come several times to fill the regret in your heart. One dish, one delicacy, one tea, one wine, all kinds of delicacies, all kinds of life, just under the tip of the tongue, but on the heart. Those stories come from the tip of the tongue, those tempting delicacies, and those tender feelings & hellip; & hellip; maybe taste, maybe feelings. The old commercial street of food street stirs up many people who come here for entertainment and leisure.

The third stop: the governor's Office

After eating, walk north along the food street, that is, the direction of the East Street of the mansion. The magnificent gate building across the street is the governor's mansion. It was named after the residence of Yan Xishan, the governor of Shanxi Province in the period of the Republic of China. It's really a "powerful Yamen and flowing official". It hasn't moved the local provincial administrative center in a thousand years, and it's rare in the whole country.

Fourth stop: chanting Scripture building

Continue to stroll, only a few steps away is Gulou Street. Walk eastward along Fudong street. A small-scale ancient building nearby attracts our attention --- the chanting tower, which was built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. The chanting tower is at 33 Gulou Street. Many people mistakenly think it's Gulou. In fact, Gulou is to the west of food street. It was bombed by little Japan during the Anti Japanese war. To put it right, do you know what the chanting tower is? It's not selling. It's the place where the candidates were announced in the imperial examination. It's called the chanting tower because it's the first place to sing the five classics.

The fifth station: the former site of Shanxi Provincial National Normal University

Shanxi Provincial National Normal School was founded in June 1919. It is a normal school established by Yan Xishan, the emperor of Shanxi Province, to train primary school teachers in Shanxi Province. It consists of the school headquarters, stadium and farm. The whole campus covers an area of 200000 square meters, with more than 290 classrooms, offices, dormitories and internship rooms. Subjects such as Mandarin, mathematics, history, military training, practice factory, etc. At that time, secondary vocational schools in Taiyuan were the best and the largest. It takes western style gate (Restoration), auditorium (destroyed), two-story office building and recording room of Xieshan rolling shed front eave corridor as its central axis, with libraries, student dormitories and practice factories on both sides.

Sixth stop: East Lake vinegar Culture Park

Shanxi people love to be jealous, especially when Taiyuan is the capital of Shanxi Province. There happens to be a scenic spot where you can learn about vinegar culture from beginning to end: East Lake vinegar garden. Donghu vinegar garden is located at No.26, madaopo, between Dongshan Expressway and Jianshe North Road in Taiyuan City, covering an area of more than 20000 square meters. The most famous one in Shanxi Province is old vinegar. Donghu vinegar garden is the first company and factory Museum in Shanxi province that dynamically displays the traditional and modern production process of old vinegar and the historical and cultural connotation of old vinegar.

Seventh stop: Yongzuo Temple Twin Towers

Yongzuo temple is located in Haozhuang in the southeast of Taiyuan city. Because there are two tall towers in the temple, which are called "double tower temple" by the local people. The two towers have also become the landmark of Taiyuan. Because Taiyuan is the land of Longxing. After the unification of Song Dynasty, in order to avoid future troubles, Zhao Guangyi, Emperor Taizong of Song Dynasty, after removing this eyesore, burned the place and destroyed the Fengshui. Since then, Taiyuan has never recovered. How to play Pingyao in Shanxi May 1st tourism? The most interesting place of 51 in Pingyao

Shanxi May 1st Tourism Strategy: play Pingyao


1. How to play without paying for tickets: many people don't know that you don't need to buy tickets to enter the ancient city. The Ming and Qing streets, alleys of the ancient city, and small yards where local residents live, you can stroll freely, no matter what. Even if you don't go to a scenic spot where you spend money, just stroll on the ancient street, there are all kinds of small shops with various artistic styles, national styles and emotional styles It's enough for you to have a day and a night. You're hungry and thirsty. The surrounding snacks are everywhere. You can eat and stroll while taking photos. It's a kind of free enjoyment. In the evening, coffee shops, small hotels, a dozen colorful lights, a guitar and a red lantern of antique buildings are hung. It's definitely a 'Pingyao impression'. You have a deep memory and forget to return!

2. You can buy a ticket, 130 yuan per ticket (big pass, 22 scenic spots, valid in 3 days). Pingyaorishengchang ticket number let you know how the bank was born. Pingyao County government let you cross to see what the ancient Court chief looked like. By the way, see how the county magistrate judged the case. You have to go to the first escort agency in North China to find out how the escort was protected and what the escorts had Weapons, even less can't go to the underground bank to turn around. How did the ancient people secretly hide money? At last, in the evening, standing on the wall of Pingyao ancient city, facing the sunset, I wrote a poem imitating the ancient people and lamented the long history: that's really the rolling Yangtze river flowing east, the waves washing out Heroes & hellip; & hellip;

Must see attractions:

Pingyao ancient city is divided into the new urban area and the old urban area. Generally, we visit the old urban area. Several famous scenic spots are as follows:

Synergetic celebration: a unique ticket company in China's ticket industry. Go to synergetic celebration to see the largest underground vault in ancient times. It was built very quickly. It has the important characteristics of modern successful enterprises.

Rishengchang: China's first ticket company, with a history of one hundred years and brilliant achievements, has a semicolon in more than 30 cities across the country, as far as Europe, the United States and other countries, and is famous for "connecting the world".

China escort agency Museum: it objectively and comprehensively tells the historical facts of the emergence, management and organization of this special industry, and reveals the special contribution made by the escort agency to the field of commodity circulation in the late feudal society of China.

Pingyao ancient county Yam: it is one of the few well preserved ancient county yams in the country. Every day, there is an audition performance. Tourists can participate in the performance. The performance is relatively colorful, and the interaction is very good. The contents of the daily audition are different, which has a feeling of crossing.

Pingyao ancient city wall: it is one of the four best existing ancient city walls in China.

Ming and Qing Dynasty Street: known as "ancient wall street of China", the whole street is full of ancient buildings.

Town God's Temple, Pingyao: built in the early Ming Dynasty, it is a combination of Confucianism, Taoism and folk culture. Its cultural connotation is rich. Its architectural form, platform and woodcut are very unique. It has great ornamental value and embodies the wisdom of China's ancient working people.