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May 1 which cities are suitable for Sichuan tourism? Recommendation of the best tourist routes in Ma

This year's May Day is one more day than that of previous years. Many people will choose to go to Sichuan in May Day. Indeed, there are many interesting places in Sichuan, and there are many local cuisines in Sichuan. Chengdu is one of the most famous cities in Sichuan. Of course, tourism to Sichuan can not only be limited to Chengdu, but also the surrounding scenery, such as Jiuzhaigou, Daocheng, etc. So, what is the best travel route in May 1st Sichuan?

Recommended travel routes in Chengdu:

D1 kuanzhaixiangzi scenic spot (2 hours) & rarr; Wuhou Temple (2 hours) & rarr; Jinli (3 hours)

D2 Jinsha Site Museum (3 hours) & rarr; Du Fu thatched cottage museum (2 hours) & rarr; Cultural Park Qingyang Palace (1 hour) & rarr; Jiuyanqiao (2 hours)

D3 Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (4 hours) & rarr; Wenshuyuan (2 hours) & rarr; Chunxi Road (2 hours)

D4 Chengdu people's Park (2 hours) is there always a recommended tourist route around Chengdu suitable for you?

Recommended tourist routes around Chengdu:

Day 1: New Museum of Chengdu Museum (2 hours) - IFS international financial center (2 hours) - Chengdu ocean taiguli (3 hours) - Daci Temple (1 hour)

The next day: Huanglongxi ancient town (3 hours) - Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot (3 hours)

The third day: Emei Mountain (1 day) - Emei Mountain - Baoguo Temple (1 hour) - Fuhu Temple (1 hour) - Jinding of Emei Mountain (1 hour)

Wannian temple in Emei Mountain (1 hour) - natural ecological monkey area (2 hours)

Day 4: Dujiangyan base of China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center (2 hours) - Dujiangyan scenic spot (1 day)

Day 5: Du Fu thatched cottage museum (2 hours) - Wuhou Temple (2 hours) - Jinli (3 hours) where to go for May 1 Daocheng tourism? Recommendation of the best tourist route of May 1st Daocheng

May 1st Daocheng tourism route:

Long line: Shangri La town / Yading village - chonggusi Traffic Transfer Center (it is recommended to take jingjiaoche) - Luorong cattle farm - milk sea - wusehai - yangmaiyong snow peak - xianuoji snow peak - Shangri La town / Yading Village

Short term: Shangri La town / Aden village - Chonggu meadow - Chonggu temple - Pearl Sea - xiannairi snow peak - Shangri La town / Aden Village

Chonggusi Luorong cattle farm: this section is 7 kilometers away. You can take the battery car to walk on the cement road, or walk on the wooden plank road, all along the river. It is recommended that you take the battery car from chongguti to Luorong cattle farm, which is 80 yuan / person, 20 minutes to arrive, which can save a lot of time and physical strength. At the same time, it can save 300 yuan of horse tickets for the next journey, and you can hike to the milk sea and the five color sea.

If you don't take the battery car, you can hike along the special wooden plank road to Luorong cattle farm. It takes about 1.5-3 hours for a 7-kilometer journey, which varies from person to person. It's a good scenery to go upstream along the river.

Luorong cattle farm - milk sea: from the cattle farm to the milk sea, about 7km, the road conditions are as follows: the first half of the journey is the level road upstream along the river at the edge of the cattle farm; the middle two-thirds of the journey is the uphill, one of which must climb up by itself, very steep, but also wading, but the scenery along the way is great; the last half is the level road, slowly walking to the milk sea.

This section of the road can be hiked, or you can take the horses of the horse gang. If you are hiking, I suggest you take the battery car of chongguti Luorong cattle farm, otherwise you should consider your physical strength.

Milk sea - five color sea: the five color sea is on the top left of the milk sea. There is a sign indicating the way to the five color sea from the milk sea. A small uphill can reach it in about 20 minutes. Don't go to the right Yakou.

Wusehai Luorong cattle farm: return to Luorong cattle farm from wusehaiyuan road. The time for walking down the mountain is 1.5 hours. Please grasp the time.

Luorong cattle farm - Chonggu Temple: take a 20 minute battery car back to Chonggu temple, or walk 2 hours down the mountain to Chonggu temple.

Chonggusi - Pearl Sea: go up the slope completely, do what you can, and rest when you are tired. It will take about 1 hour to reach Pearl Sea. After visiting Pearl Sea, you can go back to Chonggu temple and Luorong cattle farm. You can choose to take a sightseeing bus or walk to Luorong cattle farm and then return. Or go to Luorong cattle farm first, and then return to Chonggu temple to Pearl Sea. The two ways take about the same time.

Chonggusi - zhagunbeng: zhagunbeng, who returns to Yading village from the original road of chonggusi, remember that the last sightseeing bus to return is 6:30 p.m., don't miss it.

After a day's tour of Yading scenic area, return to Daocheng County and stay in Daocheng County at night. Is Wuyi Jiuzhaigou suitable for tourism? Recommendation of the best tourist route in Jiuzhaigou

Wuyi Jiuzhaigou route:

Chengdu departure:

Chengdu Dujiangyan Yingxiu earthquake site Wenchuan Maoxian (ancient Qiang city of China) - songpinggou diexihaizi Munigou Songpan ancient city Chuanzhusi Huanglong minjiangyuan Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhai County Dujuan mountain baimawanglang National Nature Reserve baimazhanzhai Pingwu (Baoen Temple) - Jiangyou (jiuhuangshan, foyedong, Libai hometown) - Mianyang Chengdu

Fatigued by a long journey, if you don't love driving, you can choose to travel in groups, save your strength, and see more scenic spots such as Dujiangyan, panda base, Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong.

Mianyang departure:

Mianyang Jiangyou (hometown of LiBai, foyedong, jiuhuangshan) - Pingwu (baoensi) - baimazhanzhai - baimawanglang National Nature Reserve - Dujuan mountain - Jiuzhai County - Jiuzhaigou - minjiangyuan - Chuanzhusi - Huanglong - Songpan ancient city - Munigou - diexihaizi - songpinggou - Maoxian (ancient Qiang city of China) - Wenchuan - Yingxiu earthquake site - Dujiangyan - Chengdu - Mianyang