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What are the delicious restaurants in Shangri La? Where are these restaurants located?

In recent years, Shangri La is also a famous tourist resort in China. Shangri La is a beautiful place, and many people will choose to go here for holidays. What they have to eat when they come to Shangri La is Shangri La's delicious food. What delicious restaurants are there in Shangri La? Where are these restaurants? How much is the per capita consumption?

Regong artists Pavilion

In the ancient city of Shangri La, there is a popular restaurant, that is, the Regong artists' Pavilion. Most of the dishes here are light and meet the taste of most people. There are many people who come here specially to eat yak hotpot, because the dishes here are not only delicious, but also full in quantity. It's a shop with high cost performance. The beef in his house is unique, not only the meat is very tight, the taste is very fragrant, and the taste is very good. Besides the hotpot, there are Tibetan delicacies, Tibetan specialties and so on.

Per capita: 66 yuan

Must order: yak hotpot, yak meat cake, yak meat bun, highland barley wine

Address: No.107 dalalang, east gate of ancient city

Yintong convenient snacks

The local people of Yintong convenience snack should know that this is a time-honored specialty snack shop in Shangri La, which is famous and has become a red online shop. The environment of this snack shop is very good, and the price is close to the people, and there are many dishes, and many people come to eat. There are many authentic Tibetan snacks in this shop, such as highland barley cake, milk dregs ball, yak rice noodles, salted buttered tea and so on, as well as delicious yak meat hot pot. Although the shop is not big, it is definitely worth eating.

Per capita: 58 yuan

Must order: highland barley cake, yak meat casserole bait silk, yak meat hot pot, milk dregs round, salty crisp oil tea

Address: beside Sifang street, old town of dukezong (No.32 yiruomlange)

Bread trees in Holy Land

There are many bread trees in the ancient city of Shangri La, so there are still a lot of people coming to eat. This shop mainly eats some snacks and Yunnan snacks, etc. the bread tree in the holy land is a restaurant with good environment, full of artistic flavor. This shop can eat pizza, spaghetti, yak meat fried rice, etc., latte, cappuccino, sandwiches, milk tea, etc, Bacon, cream, spaghetti and so on are all features here.

Per capita: 42 yuan

Must order: American coffee, fried rice with yak meat, bread tree, bacon and cream pasta, spaghetti with meat sauce

Address: No.15, dugushuo, cangfang District, ancient city, Shangri La

Smooth snacks

This small shop is a very popular yak meat hotpot shop. There are many snacks here. There are highland barley cakes, buttered tea, Baisi and other local characteristics that many people know. This shop has been open for many years, with a high popularity, and has been loved by many people. The shop has a good environment, and the dishes are not expensive. A highland barley cake is about 20 yuan, and the rice line is 15 yuan. The dishes are not only convenient Yes, the quality is also very good. Recommend it.

Per capita: 56 yuan

Must order: yak meat hotpot, matsutake chicken hotpot, yak meat hotpot, yak yoghurt, buttered tea

Address: No.7 juelang, Jinlong street, ancient city of dukezong

Sixiangyuan Restaurant

This is a very special restaurant, the location of the store is very easy to find. Sixiangyuan restaurant is very famous in the local area. The store environment is very artistic. Both local people and tourists like to eat it. If you want to eat authentic Yunnan food, you can go here. There are many dishes in his family, including small dishes and delicious yak hotpot, which are full of quantity and fresh. The key is that compared with other stores, the price of this store is very close to the people.

Per capita: 50 yuan

Must order: yak meat hotpot, chicken hotpot, rice noodles, chicken rice noodles

Address: No.16, East corridor, ancient city of dukezong

Shangri la's delicious restaurants are all here, including delicious Tibetan food and special Yunnan snacks. These restaurants have good environment and authentic taste, which are worth recommending.