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Where is the best place to play in May in Shandong? These places are good choices

May is the best time for tourism in Shandong Province. When other cities have "sweat steaming" sauna, Shandong Province really ushers in the most comfortable world of the year. In particular, may is the best time to watch the sunrise of Mount Tai. Don't miss it. So, the best place to visit Shandong on May 1st?

Qingdao 3-day Tour

Day one: If time could go back

Trestle (0.5h) - Catholic Church (0.5h) - Zhongshan Road business district (1H) - Beer Museum (1H) - Badaguan scenic area (1H) - Olympic Sailing Center (1H) - May 4th Square (1H)

The next day: a fun tour of Laoshan

Yangkou, Laoshan (2.5h) - Taiqing Palace (2.5h)

Day 3: Carnival on beach and coast

Golden Beach (2 hours) - Wanda Park (3 hours)

Jinan Classic Tour

Furong Street (tasting Jinan's special snacks) - North -- Confucian Temple -- qushuiting street, BaiHuaZhou (experiencing the willows of spring households) - North -- Daming Lake (surrounded by lotus and willows on three sides) - exit from the southwest gate of Daming Lake - South -- Wulongtan (qinqiong's former residence, Qingquan stone upper stream scenic spot, part of the first spring scenic spot under heaven) - South -- Baotu Spring (the first spring under heaven) - exit from the east gate of Baotu Spring - East -- quanchengguang Field -- East -- moat black tiger spring -- East -- Jiefangge (inscription of Chen Yi, the first station of Jinan liberation) -- North -- kuanhouli (Antique Old Street Lane) -- West -- quanlefang (commercial street through which family spring water passes) - Pearl Spring (Shandong patrol station in Ming and Qing Dynasties) - back to the origin of Furong Street

This route is ring-shaped and does not go back. Most of them pass through the park. There are many trees in the park and no sunshine. It is specially suggested that there is a music fountain at 8:00 p.m. in Quancheng Square. You can have a look at it if you have a chance. What are some interesting places on Weihai Huanhai road? Weihai Huanhai road special food recommendation

Weihai Huanhai Road

This is a coastal road that senior players must go to. Some people say that it can rival the No.1 highway in the United States. It will give you a new understanding of the sea and coastal road. The cliffs are covered with trees and the sea is surrounded by waves. You will forget your troubles there. Do not take the ring road, can not say to have come to Weihai, any coastal roads want to rival the ring road of Weihai? Do not accept to fight!

[transportation] it is recommended to drive, charter or rent a car. There is less public transportation. You can take bus No. 46 to visit every 30-60 minutes, but you can't visit the whole highway area when the bus reaches some areas.

[water quality] the water quality is excellent, and the sea water is blue. You can see the sea on each viewing platform beside the road, but you can't get down to the cliff and get in close contact with the sea.

[entertainment] after visiting Huanhai Road, you can make your last stop at the international bathing beach to enjoy the beach or at Xiaoshi island to experience the seaside life. And on the road around the sea, there is only the most scenery and heartbeat.

[delicacies] before entering Huanhai Road, you can have a meal near the experimental middle school, or on the street near the international bathing beach at the end of Huanhai road or on Jilin Road at the east gate of Shanda. There are also Korean food, hotpot, stir fry, barbecue and other delicacies, among which the price of the dining hall near the bathing beach is slightly higher.