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How many have you been to Chengdu must play online red card punch?

Chengdu, one of the famous online Red cities in China, is also a very attractive city. Many people don't want to go to Chengdu. At the same time, there are many interesting scenic spots in Chengdu. There are many interesting online red card punching places. They can't finish playing for a while. So, do you know what must be played in Chengdu?

Xinjin Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park

Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park should first mention the bamboos forest, which is a key punch location of the Agricultural Expo Park. The bamboo forest will cover the hot sun, leaving a little spot on the ground, and walking leisurely, just like being in a fairyland, with a warm breeze and refreshing.

Daoming bamboo art village, Chongzhou

There is a special building called "Zhuli" in Daoming bamboo art village, Chengdu. It has a very future shape, but it is naturally formed with mountains, forests and bamboo sea. It is said that their creation was inspired by Lu You's poem Taiping. 'the bamboo house is a long way deep and quiet. There are songbirds in the sky. '

Zhanqi village, TangChang, Pidu District

Zhanqi village is well-known, because the arrival of Secretary Xi makes it one of the most popular scenic spots in an instant.

Mother's farm, known as "little Provence" in Chengdu, is so beautiful that it suffocates. This is the place where Zhanqi village has to punch cards! It's white to leave a picture in front of the flower sea of mother's farm when you come to Zhanqi village.