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May day is the hottest tourist city. Do you want to go to any of these five cities?

This year's May Day holiday is also a twists and turns. From the original day to the current four days, many people have made travel plans early. So, where are you going to play on May 1 this year? Do you like a quiet place or a lively place? According to the data, these destinations are the most chosen. Is there any city you want to go to?


Beijing is a very suitable city for travel and in-depth exploration. With the endorsement of the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, there are fascinating royal buildings and gardens here. The inner city style built in the Yuan Dynasty brought the city's unsophisticated and solemn temperament.

The pace of modern urban development has never stopped in Beijing, and the sentence "in line with international standards" is not empty talk in Beijing. The modern architectural complex represented by the first line of international trade and the interpenetration of modern art in urban culture make it full of vitality and sleepless vitality.


On your first visit to Lijiang, you will be moved by the beautiful scenery like a small bridge. The ancient city of Lijiang (Dayan ancient town), Shuhe and Yulong Snow Mountain are the best places for you to know Lijiang, and the mysterious oriental daughter, the Lugu Lake. You will be intoxicated by the beautiful scenery.

In Lijiang, you can be a wayward child, let go of the troubles of life, indulge in fantasy, play and enjoy the warm sunshine here; or you can have a hike to feel the beauty of natural mountains and rivers; or you can look forward to an unexpected love one intoxicating night. Healing, dating, crossing, looking for, pure, dazed & hellip; & hellip; these words may be a good description of Lijiang, but there are still many unknown Charms waiting to be discovered here.


Generally, people who come to Hangzhou will not miss the West Lake and Xixi wetland, and the West Lake is the most important thing to visit. Especially in Gushan, because of the existence of Xiling Seal society, there is a strong cultural atmosphere between the green mountains and waters. And the annual flower show in Taiziwan park has become a place for local people to have a rest. If there is enough time, Tianmu Mountain, Qiandao Lake and dongmingshan forest park around Hangzhou are all good places for small weekend tours.


Xi'an has a long history. Most of the local scenic spots are places of interest, which are also the most worth seeing. In addition, Xi'an has a lot of cultural sights to enjoy, as well as the natural scenery in the suburbs.

The scenic spots in Xi'an are relatively concentrated, the roads are square, and easy to navigate. Taking the ancient city wall as the center, the bell tower, Drum Tower and Huimin Street are 1 km north. The ancient city wall can walk 20 minutes to the south to reach the little wild goose pagoda. 3 or 4 kilometers southeast of the little wild goose pagoda, there are Shaanxi History Museum, big wild goose pagoda and Tang lotus garden. Therefore, the city wall, bell and Drum Tower, Huimin street and little wild goose pagoda can be strung into a line for sightseeing; the big wild goose pagoda, Shaanxi Museum and Tang Furong garden can be put together for sightseeing.

Terracotta warriors, Huaqing Palace and Lishan Mountain are concentrated in Lintong District in the east of Xi'an. There are buses in the city. You can get up early and leave in one day. If you want to go to Huashan, you can take the high-speed rail, Xi'an north station, Huashan north station, 1-2 days to climb.


Chengdu has been known as the "land of abundance" since ancient times. "Nine days to open a Chengdu, thousands of doors into the picture". In China's huge historical map, Chengdu is the only city whose location and name have never changed since its establishment. This important town in Southwest China, the capital of Ba and Shu, has been the political, economic and cultural center of Southwest China and an important city in the Yangtze River Basin.

Chengdu is a city that doesn't want to leave when it comes. Her pace of life remains at a very humanized speed. Chengdu people often say "Bashi" is comfortable and appropriate. The tea house is the best embodiment of the city's leisurely temperament.