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Have you planned your May Day holiday yet? Over the years, island tour is the best place to go!

There are four days off on May 1 this year, which means we have enough time to go where we want to go. Of course, for such a rare holiday, we must have a reasonable plan. Has your May Day holiday been planned yet? How can you miss the island tour? What are the interesting islands in Hainan Island?

Yushan Island

Yushan island is located in Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Fishing and shell picking are unforgettable. When the sun sets, you can enjoy the fishing fire and the sea breeze.

There is a blue coast in Maldives. The "blue tears" of Yushan island can absolutely amaze you. It is said that it is because of the transparent plankton of jellyfish on the sea floor. The time of its emergence is generally from May to August. If you are lucky, you will also have the chance to meet ~

Hainan Island

Xisha, an island that only allows Chinese people to go to, has better scenery than Maldives. It has a five-star natural environment. Half of the sea water is water and half is fish. Here, large and small coral island groups float in the sea area of 30000 square kilometers, beautiful and pure!

Transportation: Xisha Islands did not open tourism until 2013, opening up a four-day and three night Xisha dream trip directly to Phoenix Island Cruise Terminal in Sanya. At present, the cruises from Phoenix Island Wharf in Sanya to Xisha are: 'dream of the South China Sea' and 'Princess Changle'.

Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island, located in Beihai City, Guangxi, is the largest island here and the youngest volcanic island in China. In 2005, "China National Geographic" magazine "beauty pageant China" activity, Weizhou Island was rated as "China's ten most beautiful islands", ranked second.

Generally, after May, the sunshine is good and suitable for swimming. It is also the beginning of the traditional peak season of tourism in Beihai and Weizhou islands. Cycling around the island can also meet many beautiful surprises.

East pole Island

Many people fell in love with Dongji island because of Han Han's untimely reunion. It lies in the arms of Zhoushan, the most Eastern Island in China, like a silent but extremely beautiful pearl.

In four islands (Huangxing Island, miaozihu Island, Qingbang island and dongfushan Island) from west to East, simple fishermen live day by day. In May, the clouds on the top of Dongji island began to float around, and the sunshine along the coast was shining, which was a wonder.

Transportation: Dongji island is an island under Zhoushan. If you want to go to Dongji Island, you need to reach Zhoushan first. At present, only Shenjiamen half Shengdong Wharf in Zhoushan has a ship to Dongji island. You must travel to this wharf to transfer to Dongji island.

Taiwan Island

Baodao Taiwan is located in the southeast of mainland China, across the Taiwan Strait from Fujian Province. The vast plain in the western part of Taiwan gathers the major cities of Taiwan, among which Taipei is the most prosperous. The high mountains in the central part of Taiwan cover a large area of the central and eastern part of Taiwan, and form many natural places to enjoy the mountains and the sea.

The long and narrow island of Taiwan straddles the tropics and subtropics, which makes Taiwan rich in natural resources and scenery. The natural geothermal hot springs in Taipei, the primitive forest vegetation in Alishan, the unique mountain and sea wonders of Hualien, and the fascinating tropical scenery in Kenting are all the first reasons for tourists to come to Taiwan.