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What should I wear for a trip to Shenzhen in May? May tourist attractions in Shenzhen

May is also the best time for tourism, especially in the south of China. The temperature is just right. This is the best time to travel. So, what's the best clothes to wear when you travel to Shenzhen in May? What are the necessary tourist attractions to visit in Shenzhen in May?

What to wear in Shenzhen in May

Shenzhen has a subtropical to tropical transitional marine climate (referred to as: subtropical monsoon climate) with clear and pleasant wind and abundant rainfall. The annual average temperature is 22.5 ℃ (the most comfortable temperature for people is 18 ℃ - 22 ℃), the highest extreme temperature is 38.7 ℃, and the lowest is 0.2 ℃. The frost free period is 355 days, with an average annual rainfall of 1924.3 mm and sunshine of 2120.5 hours. It is suitable for perennial tourism.

The average temperature in Shenzhen in May is 23 ℃ ~ 29 ℃

It is recommended to wear cotton and linen shirt, thin skirt, thin T-shirt and other cool and breathable clothes at an average temperature of 29 ℃ in the daytime.

At night, it is recommended to wear cotton linen shirt, thin skirt, thin T-shirt and other cool and breathable clothes with an average temperature of 23 ℃.

The cities with the highest daily average temperature in May in Shenzhen are Chaozhou (21 ℃), Dongguan (20 ℃), Foshan (20 ℃).

Chaozhou (9 ℃), Dongguan (8 ℃), Foshan (11 ℃) are the cities with the lowest daily average temperature in May in Shenzhen.

Must play attractions of Shenzhen Tourism Strategy in May

There are six administrative regions in Shenzhen: Futian District, Luohu District, Nanshan District, Yantian District, Bao'an District and Longgang District

Three functional areas: Guangming New Area, Pingshan new area and Longhua New Area

Nanshan District

1. Shenzhen Creative Park

2. Shenzhen Dutch flower Town

3. Zhongshan Park, Xin'an ancient city, Shenzhen

4. Shenzhen Maritime world

5. Window of the world

Futian District

1. Shenzhen Library Concert Hall Civic Center

2. Lianhuashan Park, Shenzhen

3. Shenzhen Garden Expo Park

4. Bijiashan Park, Shenzhen

Baoan District

1. Shenzhen print village

2. Garden on the sea

3. Baoan Park

Luohu District

1. Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden (admission: 20RMB / person)

2. Wutong Mountain

3. East Lake Park

4. Jingji 100

Yantian District

1. Overseas Chinese town in the east of Shenzhen

Longgang District

1. Dapeng ancient city / jiaochangwei

2. Mount Qiliang

3. Shenzhen oil painting village

4. Yangmeikeng, Xichong

5, Xi Chong