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What are the precautions for tourism in May 1st Hangzhou? Food, clothing, housing and transportation

At the first sight of the West Lake, I knew that there were only two kinds of people in the world, one was people who had come to Hangzhou, the other was people who were ready to come to Hangzhou. Only then did I know the old saying "there is heaven on the earth and Suzhou and Hangzhou on the earth", which is not empty. Su Shi said: 'if the West Lake is better than the West Lake, it's always appropriate to wear light makeup and heavy makeup'. For me, visiting the West Lake doesn't matter the best season. When you come, it's the best time. So, May 1 Hangzhou Tourism precautions?

Travel articles:

It is not recommended to drive around Hangzhou because of the high parking cost. If the high-speed railway or the train arrives at Hangzhou station, they are all near the Metro Line 1, under the Longxiang bridge, they can directly reach the West Lake. Hangzhou's subway system is very convenient, and it can scan Alipay directly, without subway tickets and other APP.


After all, Hangzhou's play is mainly on the West Lake, while the hotels beside the West Lake (Hyatt, Wanghu, Shangri La, Dahua Hotel, etc.) are generally about 250, and the student party can consider Longxiang bridge, Fengqi road and Wulin Square along the subway, and the local tyrants are free.


Although many people will say 'eat snacks do not go to Hefang Street, to Shengli River Food Street, Xinyifang'. Hefang Street and Yujie street in the Southern Song Dynasty are heavily commercialized. After all, there is a cheater in every city. In Hangzhou, this street is called Hefang Street. It's simple to say that the stranger is the stranger. But if you really want to try wanghong store, you can also try it. After all, 'here you are'.

Breakfast Xinfeng snacks, zhiweiguan, wanghong store granddaughter's congbao stew (No. 391, Zhongshan South Road), vegetarian braised goose congbao stew (10 yuan), youbu soybean milk (No. 108, pailou lane, Chenghuang city) and Xiandou milk (3 yuan), Congyou pancake (3 yuan)

For dinner, you can choose Hangzhou restaurant with high cost performance (No.205 Yan'an Road, West Lake one minute away, line up at four o'clock for dinner, or so on). The most famous restaurants are fruit mud roasted chicken and Dongpo meat, pot stewed beef brisket, pine soup bag, brine large intestine and oil drenched chicken of fuyuanju restaurant at No.35 Hefang Street, as well as grandma's restaurant, alley, green tea meal The hall is optional. If you have enough budget, you can go to the shops outside buildings and mountains, which are very poetic.