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How many cities in Thailand have you visited?

Thailand is one of the most favorite countries for Chinese people. Because of its high cost performance, many people will choose Thailand when they go abroad for the first time. There are so many cities in Thailand, and they can't go to all of them. Because we don't have a lot of time to play when we travel abroad, we must play better in a limited time. So, do you know which city in Thailand is most worth going to?


Bangkok is a city of contradictions and extremes. Introducing Bangkok, we are the forerunners. We prefer to call it the city of eroticism and the land of human demons. You can travel in Bangkok at night and experience the night in the corner. In this inclusive city, you can indulge in the sounds of dogs and horses and sway them to your heart's content. As the capital of Thailand, she also has a national decency, which is located in the Grand Palace in the center of Bangkok. It is full of Thai style majesty and style, scattered in exquisite temples,

It can always erase the impetuosity of the city and give people peace.

Chiang Mai

Compared with the fashionable and prosperous Bangkok, Chiang Mai, which is fresh and natural and surrounded by mountains, always gives people a sense of seclusion. This is probably closely related to the ancient Thai culture deeply rooted in Chiang Mai. Therefore, when it comes to Chiang Mai, I prefer to call it the ancient city. While developing modern urbanization, she has better maintained the unique rural primitive customs of northern Thailand.

Bai County

BAIXIAN, a small town by the mountain and by the water, has no mountains and sea of people on the island, no wobble of night life, no uneasiness in the temple. You can sit in the coffee shop at the corner of the street and feel dazed at will. You can find a Thai style wooden house full of flowers and stay in it. You can sleep lazily for a day. You can go to the viewing platform from the cloud in the morning when the fog is misty Chung, waiting for the sun, can be in the sun gradually gentle evening, patting the green countryside.


The tropical island of Kami in the south of Thailand has clear water, warm and comfortable, colorful tropical fish, swimming and shuttling in the coral. Compared with Phuket, Jamie is definitely more suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Find a sunny day, make an appointment with a diving coach, and have a close date with the sea. Jiami island is dotted with caves in the mountains, which is especially suitable for extreme sports people who like island climbing to challenge. There are more than 400 climbing routes, with distinct difficulty and ease. If you love climbing, welcome to Jiami challenge.

Emperor Island

Emperor Island, its name is very domineering! People have noble aura. It used to be the exclusive holiday island for Thai royal family's leisure and entertainment. It's not far from Phuket and Pipi. As a newly developed tourist attraction, the sea water of emperor island is clearer and the beach environment is quieter. If you have good heart endurance and like to challenge the limit, you can rent a yacht and play a fast surfing in the beautiful sea.

Which city is the most worthy to visit in Thailand? If you are confused about this problem, please refer to some places recommended by Xiaobian. Thailand is like a kaleidoscope. It will pass by casually and encounter surprises that touch your heart.