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How many special products do you bring to Luoyang?

Luoyang is an ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, a national historical and cultural city, and one of the four ancient capitals in China. Now it's the time of Luoyang Peony Fair. Tourists at home and abroad like to travel to Luoyang. Many of us have a habit that we like to eat some contemporary food every time we go to a place, and then bring some local specialties. So, what are the special products worth sending to Luoyang?

Luoyang eight

Luoyang laobajian is a traditional snack in Luoyang, Henan Province. There is a very long history in Luoyang. There are eight kinds of laobade, including Shuangma crisp, sesame crisp, sweet salted cake, nut crisp, egg roll crisp, peanut crisp, Jinma jujube and yolk crisp. They taste different, but they all taste crisp and delicious. If you come to Luoyang, you must bring some boxes to your relatives and friends!

Peony and pickled vegetables

Peony and swallow is a unique traditional Chinese dish in Luoyang, Henan Province. Its main ingredients are white radish, sea cucumber

Squid, chicken and finished Luoyang swallow only see a white jade like peony flower with dazzling color, floating on the surface of the soup, with fresh vegetables and fragrant flowers. Now there are dried peony and swallow dishes. If you go to Luoyang, you can buy them for your relatives and friends!

Du Kang liquor

Dukang liquor is the traditional characteristic wine of Luoyang, Henan Province, with a very long history. In ancient times, there was Cao Cao's "how to relieve worries. Only the famous sentence of Dukang" was sung. It can be said that Dukang liquor is the oldest historical wine in China. It was founded by Dukang. The production process of Dukang liquor is very exquisite. It is made of high-quality sorghum and wheat. It is brewed with mountain spring water and traditional production process. The brewed Dukang liquor is sweet, refreshing and tastes endless after drinking, attracting the praise of countless celebrities at home and abroad.

Meng Jin pear

Mengjin pear is a special product of Mengjin in Luoyang City, Henan Province. It has a very long history. According to the relevant documents, it has been cultivated in Mengjin for more than 2000 years, and has been listed as the imperial tribute in ancient times. Mengjin has a very superior geographical environment, sufficient light, abundant rainfall, fertile soil, which is very suitable for the growth of pear trees. The pear produced in Mengjin is beautiful in appearance, juicy and sweet, big in size, crisp in texture, crisp and refreshing.