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Which district is Luodai Ancient Town in Chengdu? How can I get to Chengdu most conveniently?

Chengdu, as a popular online Red City in China, has a certain popularity, but it is also one of the top ten ancient capitals in China, among which Luodai Ancient Town with a thousand year history is one of its representatives. So, where is Luodai Ancient Town in Chengdu? In which district? Do you want a ticket? How is the most convenient way to get there?

Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu

Luodai Ancient Town is located in Longquanyi District of Chengdu. It is not too far away from the downtown of Chengdu. There are cars here on Chunxi Road in the downtown. Maybe because it is the most complete Hakka ancient town around Chengdu, and it also has a great reputation in Chengdu. Many local residents in Chengdu come here for leisure and slow tour on weekends, with friends of three or five, When you are free, you can find a tea house to drink tea, play cards or feel the Hakka culture quietly. At the same time, the snacks here are also very good. The most famous one is the sad jelly beside the Guangdong guild hall. If you have a chance to travel here, you must taste it and feel the sad place of the cold jelly.

Introduction to Luodai Ancient Town, Chengdu

Luodai Ancient Town is famous in Chengdu, but it doesn't charge tickets. It's free. You can go there by car or by yourself. The transportation to Luodai Ancient Town is very convenient. You can take bus or bus. There are many buses to the ancient town, but it takes about two hours to arrive. It's better to take a bus or self drive. The bus takes about half an hour to drive generally, and the arrival time is certainly much less than the bus, and self drive only takes half an hour to arrive at the ancient town. Of course, there are also tour routes around Chengdu with Huanglongxi. For the first time to visit Chengdu, you can try them. The price is about 200 to 300 yuan, which is also very good.

About Luodai Ancient Town in Chengdu, I'd like to introduce it to my friends. If you like the city of Chengdu and the millennium old town, take advantage of the spring to set out.