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How to refund tax for shopping in Thailand? What are the conditions for tax refund?

Now many people like to travel to Thailand. Of course, tourists can not only enjoy the scenery they like, but also experience the delicious food and local customs of Thailand. Most of us like to travel to a place with souvenirs or local characteristics. But when we buy things in Thailand, we often have to pay taxes. So, how to refund tax for Thai tourism? What is the tax refund process to Thailand?

Any non Thai foreign tourists can enjoy the tax rebate as long as they meet the following conditions: stay in Thailand for no more than 180 days, non airline staff, and take international airline flights.

How can Thailand apply for tax rebate?

This tax rebate is only applicable to take out within 60 days after purchase.

Passengers who want to enjoy the rebate must shop in the store with the sign of "VAT refund for tours".

The total value of the goods to be refunded must exceed THB 5000, and the total value of the goods purchased in each room must not be less than THB 2000.

After shopping, ask the clerk to fill in two tax refund forms (p.p.10) and paste the invoice on the forms.

Passengers are required to produce forms and commodity inspection at the customs office marked "VAT refund" before check-in and baggage handover.

After the passport inspection, all the above forms and documents shall be presented at VAT fund office to obtain the refund. [what are the payment methods of tax refund in Thailand? Is there a service charge for these payment methods?

Payment method of tax refund in Thailand

For refunds up to THB 30000, you can choose to transfer in cash (THB), bank draft or credit card.

Over 30000 baht can be transferred by bank draft or credit card.

Service charge for tax refund in Thailand

Cash refund, handling charge 100 THB

Refund of bank draft: service charge of THB 100, plus bank billing fee and post office postage

Credit card tax refund: the handling fee is 100 baht, plus the exchange fee charged by the bank and postage. Where is the tax refund for Thai shopping? Airports with tax refund in Thailand

Airports with tax refund in Thailand

Bangkok suwangnapu new airport

Phuket International Airport

He'ai International Airport

Utapau International Airport (Pattaya Airport)

Chiang Mai International Airport

If you want to go to Thailand, remember to refund tax after shopping!