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Yunnan bridge rice noodle is the most famous in Lijiang. Which is the most authentic?

Yunnan bridge crossing rice noodles are famous all over the country. I believe that as long as they are little friends who go to Yunnan for tourism, they all want to taste the authentic bridge crossing rice noodles. So, which is the authentic rice noodle in Lijiang? Which family is the most popular?

Lijiang bridge rice noodle which authentic?

Golden Bridge edge chrysanthemum cross bridge rice noodles

This shop is not far from the ancient city of Lijiang, and its location is still easy to find. The shop is very prominent. The rice noodles crossing the bridge are very popular here. Many people come to eat them. A piece of rice noodles crossing the bridge is only 23 yuan. After eating, the rice noodles can be added again, which is very cost-effective. This is a net red rice noodle shop with a good reputation. The soup is boiled in high soup, so it's very fresh. The rice noodle is strong, and there are many side dishes, including chrysanthemum, pickled vegetables, leek and so on. It's tasty.

Recommendation: scholar's rice noodle, scholar's rice noodle, spicy chicken, Baojiang tofu, braised chicken feet

Address: shop l1-56, first floor, east side of Red Sun Plaza, Minzhu Road

Gluttonous Hall

The greedy restaurant is near the big falling water. The store has its own characteristics. Many people like it. There are some post it notes on the wall. Although this shop is mainly for Yunnan cuisine, its rice noodles are very popular. They are not only full in quantity, but also have a good taste. Besides rice noodles, its barbecue and Mosuo fried rice are unique. Many people come to eat them, as well as the pork ribs soup pot, which is fresh and tasty.

Recommendation: Yunnan rice noodle, Mosuo fried rice, Mosuo bait chicken, grilled fish, Mosuo fried rice

Address: opposite to the parking lot of dalaoshui village, Lugu Lake

Yuntianlou authentic Yunnan bridge rice noodles

Yuntian building is decorated with antique style and is very quiet and comfortable. It is famous in Lijiang ancient city. This restaurant can eat Lijiang's authentic cross bridge rice noodles, which are heavy in weight and affordable in price. It's a restaurant with Yunnan characteristics, which tastes good. The speed of eating is very fast, and the soup is very thick and fresh. In the ancient city of Lijiang, many restaurants are generally on the high price. This shop is reasonable. Besides rice noodles, you can also order fried dumplings, Baojiang tofu and other snacks.

Recommendation: yuntianlou bridge crossing rice noodles, Tanhua bridge crossing rice noodles, Bangyan bridge crossing rice noodles, hand-made fresh meat fried dumplings, local chicken rice noodles

Address: No.8 Chongren lane, Qiyi Street (beside wanziqiao)

Yunnan Mengzi cross bridge rice noodles (Sifang Street store)

The store is not big, but it's really a lot of people come to eat. It's probably a good location, but the taste is also very good. Which is the authentic Lijiang bridge crossing rice noodle? Many people will recommend this shop. It is a famous Yunnan bridge crossing rice noodle with authentic taste. The side dishes are fresh and the quantity of rice noodle is sufficient. Its shop is still very conspicuous. Many people who come to Lijiang for the first time will go to taste it.

Recommendation: Tanhua bridge crossing rice noodles, double bridge crossing rice noodles, ribs, gold medal champion bridge crossing rice noodles, nasera ribs

Address: No.25, Sifang street, Xinyi Street