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Where is the most authentic Yunnan cuisine in Lijiang? Do you know all these places?

When you come to Lijiang, of course, you can't just look at the scenery. You must eat authentic Yunnan cuisine. Among all Lijiang cuisines, Yunnan cuisine is one of the most popular. So, where is the most authentic Yunnan cuisine in Lijiang?

Where is Lijiang authentic Yunnan cuisine?

Mushroom King's Restaurant

This shop is located in the ancient town of Shuhe, so it's still very easy to find. His local chicken hotpot is a famous delicacy. The chicken uses the local local chicken, which tastes good. The yak barbecue is also delicious. The meat is fresh and chewy. It tastes better with dipping materials. This is a traditional Yunnan Restaurant. We are all around to explore the fire and eat hot pot. It has a unique flavor. The boss is very warm and the dishes are fresh. It's worth recommending.

Recommendation: yak barbecue, fresh morel, Tibetan pork, Sashimi with Tricholoma matsutake, stewed wild mushroom with native chicken

Address: next to Chengkang pharmacy, the lower section of rose Avenue

Zhenzhen snack bar local chicken rice noodles

Yunnan rice noodles are famous all over the country, so when I came to Lijiang, I still wanted to eat rice noodles. I recommend this rare snack bar, which is said to be a real old shop. It has been open for decades. There are many people who come to eat during the day, basically all of them are local people. This shop is mainly for special rice noodles. The local chicken rice noodles in his house are the signboard. You must eat them when you go to the shop. There is also pork intestines powder, which is very good. A bowl of rice noodles costs about 20 yuan.

Recommendation: fried chicken with shredded bait, fried rice in chicken soup, fried chicken noodles, fried rice with shredded pork with potato, fried rice with shredded pork with pickled vegetables, fried rice with shredded chicken rice

Address: s18-21 huama Street

Two fish wrapped in cat paper

Compared with other Yunnan cuisines, this restaurant is more abundant in dishes, including not only delicious Yunnan cuisine, but also Sichuan cuisine and grilled fish. The grilled fish in this shop is a major feature. It's not only delicious, but also has no fishy smell. It's delicious when eaten together with the secret sauce. The side dishes include streaky pork, bacon, materials and so on. The little friends who like to eat grilled meat can try it here.

Recommendation: hoof flower hot pot, fresh beef, streaky pork, sliced pork, paper wrapped fish

Address: No.63, Huangshan lower section, Xinhua Street

Zhaxi's house, Rigo

This is a barbecue shop with a strong Tibetan flavor. It's also famous for its good taste and excellent environment. It's suggested that the first time you go, you can try it. This shop can have meals and accommodation. There are Tibetan singers singing in it, which is very emotional. This shop mainly eats barbecue, roast duck, roast chicken and so on, as well as all kinds of Yunnan specialties. The meat is fresh, the vegetables are plentiful and the price is moderate.

Recommendation: special roasted brain flower, Mosuo roasted suckling pig, roasted lake fish, roasted mushroom, yak meat

Address: Zhaxi home in the middle of Lige Village (next to Lige Xinqing)