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How to arrange the weekend tour in Guiyang? Recommended best route for two-day tour in Guiyang

Now it's a good day to travel. As an office worker, facing the boring and boring work every day, he may make himself very depressed. At this time, of course, he needs to go out and have a look. So, what are the good places for Guiyang to travel now? How to arrange a two-day tour in Guiyang?

Two day tour of Guiyang

Qingyan ancient town

Qingyan ancient town, as one of the four famous towns in Guiyang, is also one of the necessary tourist attractions to Guiyang. The ancient town has a simple and historical atmosphere, which is also fully owned. The buildings of Qingyan ancient town are built along with the mountains. The city wall is built on the cliff with boulders, and there are four gates in the East, West, South and North. The exquisite and perfect stone and wood carvings in the ancient town are also a major attraction. Most of the scenic spots in the town are ancient buildings with different styles. Each scenic spot needs to be charged by itself. If you come for the first time, you can also choose to buy a joint ticket, so that you can sweep all the scenic spots in the ancient city.

Qianlingshan Park

Qianlingshan park is a famous scenic spot in Guiyang. Every day, local and foreign tourists come here in an endless stream. Because of its low ticket price, there are many beautiful and interesting sceneries in it. You can climb mountains to see the scenery, visit lakes, see the beauty of Zhongru cave, go to Hongfu Temple to pray for Buddha, or go to the zoo to see all kinds of lively little ones Animals are well known as the monkey mountain. Many local and foreign tourists like to visit monkeys, but they should be careful to be robbed by the monkeys inside.

Jiaxiu Pavilion

Jiaxiu building stands on the Wanao alunite in the Nanming River of Guiyang. As a landmark building of Guiyang, it is necessary to experience the washing of the river for a long time and the carving of history. The night scenery here is also very beautiful. Cuiwei garden, also built in the Ming Dynasty, beside Jiaxiu building, can also be visited together. The former name of Cuiwei garden is Guanyin temple. Now it is a group that wants to combine the temple and the garden together The ancient architectural complex has pavilions, rockeries and promenades. Today, it is mainly a place for local people to chat and exchange calligraphy and paintings.

Tianhe Lake

Taihetan scenic spot can be regarded as a more characteristic scenic spot in Guiyang. Its own scenery attracts people's attention. Later, a large amount of money was introduced to start the construction. Now, on the basis of the original, some amazing scenery has been added. The ethnic villages near the scenic spot must not be missed. Walk across the small bridge, take a look at the waterwheel, visit the farmhouses and watch Enjoy the delicate and beautiful embroidery made by Miao girls, and experience different folk customs. Then along the Xiangba ditch at the downstream of calcified beach waterfall, there are many waterfalls flying down. Wolong Lake is connected with calcified beach. The lake water is clear as a mirror, like a paradise.

Life needs to go around and have a look. There are many trips on the road of life. The Guiyang tour route is recommended here. There are more interesting and good-looking scenic spots waiting for you to discover.