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How many days is may day off? What's the schedule for May Day holiday?

Labor Day is a legal holiday in China. There are basically three days of small and long holidays every year. However, there are certain adjustments in this year's labor, which are still unclear to many people. So, do you know how many days of May Day holiday this year? What are you going to do?

May Day holiday arrangement

This year's May Day is a four-day holiday in succession, as many friends may have known. With the approval of the State Council, the holiday schedule of this year's Labor Day is adjusted to may 1-4, 2019, a total of four days. Go to work on April 28 (Sunday) and may 5 (Sunday). If you want to spell out 8 days of small and long vacation, you can spell out a week of vacation and go out if you want to ask for 3 days from April 28 (Sunday) to April 30 (Tuesday).

May Day holiday

Originally, this year's labor day had only one day off. In previous years, there were three days off because it was next to the weekend. This year's Labor Day coincided with Wednesday. It was originally planned to have one day off. However, the labor day coincided with the intersection of spring and summer, with a pleasant climate. Many people hoped to travel, visit their families and relax when the spring was warm and blooming. Many people put forward some good ideas See and suggest that such adjustments be made in response to the voice of the people.

Many people start to plan their own travel plans when they think of the four-day holiday of this year's labor day. After all, they can travel around the country in four days. Friends who haven't thought about their destination are in a hurry. Now they can start booking tickets.