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Where to travel and get married? The world's best place to visit and get married

Travel marriage is a very popular and wasteful way of marriage among the contemporary young people. It may be a dream marriage way for many girls. When travel marriage, the destination is very important. So, where is the best place to travel and get married? What are the best places to travel and get married?

Where is the best place to travel and get married?

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada, with four distinct seasons. It is famous for its huge tourism, shopping and holiday industry centered on gambling industry. It is one of the world-famous holiday destinations, with the reputation of "the entertainment capital of the world" and "the marriage capital". According to statistics, in 2014, Las Vegas became the most honeymoon destination for newly married couples in the world.

Lahina, Hawaii

Lahaina is located in the westernmost part of Maui Island, Hawaii. Now there are more than 30 historic sites in the town. So far, the whole city still retains its unique classical flavor. It is a leisurely slow-paced city with the best hotels and hotels on Maui Island.

Santorini, Greece

Greece's famous tourist resort, the Pearl of the Aegean Sea, Plato's land of freedom, but also the most romantic beer Park in Santorini. Not only tourists, but also animals love the sea. No matter on land or on board, there are often cats, dogs and cats. They are comfortable facing the sea. It's a day at a glance. Such a leisure is enough for every new couple to yearn for.


This is a new travel place, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It is a very beautiful place. Many people come here for honeymoon, so it is also called honeymoon island.

Banyan Tree Maldives

Located in the North atoll of mal é, Maldives, vabinfaru island can be boarded in 25 minutes by speedboat. The island is famous for its tranquility and romance. It is sunny but not hot; the sea breeze is gentle and comfortable. Tourists are walking on the beach of the island of wabinfaru. They are very careful and careful. They seem to be afraid of anything that might disturb the sense of peace here. What's more, affected by the rising sea level of global warming, scientists predict that if the global climate continues to warm, Maldives, a beautiful island country, will be annihilated by sea water in 50 years.

Do you want to have a romantic and enviable wedding? Please understand that this is the most desirable way for Xiaobian to get married. If there are girls who have this idea, where is the best place to get married? This article can be referred to.