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What are the most beautiful villages in China? Five beautiful ancient villages in China

Nowadays, tourism has become a way for people to relax. Many people are tired of the prosperity of big cities. Many people prefer to travel in the countryside. Moreover, many ancient villages with beautiful scenery are toured in China. These villages do not have a strong commercial atmosphere and are very suitable for relaxing or staying for a while. So, what are the beautiful ancient villages in China?

What are the beautiful ancient villages

Yan tou Village

Yantou village is a small village in Zhejiang Province. Although it's not famous, it's very suitable to live here for a period of time. It's not commercial at all. There are pavilions, streets, houses, stone bridges and archways in the village. It's a rare landscape! You can change scenery around Wenfeng tower step by step. There are mountains around the village. Furong peak is in front of you. The scenery is very beautiful. There's another one that is favored by photographers Lishui street, paved with pebbles, can enjoy the cool and rest.

Yang Jia Tang Village

The houses here are yellow mud and black tile buildings, and the village has a history of more than 350 years. It is a real 'ancient village'. The height difference between the upper and lower houses in the whole village is about 2-3 meters, and the high-rise is 200 meters. In the field of vision, it shows a huge building facade, which is a typical ladder type ancient village in Songyang county.

BAHA Ba Village

Baihaba village is known as the first village in Northwest China. It is located in tierekti Township, Habahe County, the most northwest corner of China. It is the most concentrated village of Tuwa people in Altay, Xinjiang. It is the most complete village of Tuwa people, with strong Tuwa customs. As soon as autumn arrives, the village is colorful red, yellow, green and brown. The forest is dyed like a palette. In addition, the snow capped peak of Altay Mountain is a perfect oil painting all the year round.

Longchuan Village

Longchuan is a typical Hui style village in Xuancheng, a comfort town. The folk custom here is also very simple. There are not many tourists here, but the tourism resources are very rich. There is a stream across the village. Under the Horsehead wall is the beauty leaning out of the stream. The stone steps have been extended into the stream. The village women are still washing clothes in the stream. The years flow very slowly here.

Ancient village of Cheng Zi

The houses here are all built of yellow clay, with a long history and a thousand year old earth Palm House. Due to the lack of external disturbance, the village still has ancient style. Outside the village covered by green trees, farmers work in the field, and shepherd children watch over cattle and horses, which is a harmonious rural scenery.

If you want to know where there are beautiful ancient villages, there are still many ancient villages like China, and even many villages that haven't been found by tourists. Sometimes it's a good arrangement to give yourself a rural tour. The villages suitable for tourism will be introduced here.