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What are some interesting places in Tonglu? Recommended scenic spots in Tonglu, Zhejiang

Tonglu is interested in this place because it was planted with grass after watching the variety show "yearning for life". This is a city with beautiful mountains and rivers. There are beautiful sceneries everywhere. Friends who want to experience the slow life in the countryside can come to Tonglu for tourism. So, what are the interesting places in Tonglu?

What's fun in Tonglu, Zhejiang

Yaolin Wonderland

Yaolin fairyland and chuyun Tongtianhe have the same beauty. Although they are all karst caves, they give different visual experience. This is the most famous stalactite cave in the region. There are many stalagmites and stone pillars in the cave, with different looks, lifelike, colorful and unpredictable lights, which make Yaolin fairyland colorful. What is most worth looking forward to is the light show performance, From time to time, there is still fog, just like fairyland.

Chuiyun Tongtian River

This is a karst cave with a typical karst landform. Part of the scenic spots are sightseeing by boat, part by foot. There is an underground river with a length of kilometers, the width of which is just enough to go on a boat. It's going on slowly in a boat. On the top of the head is the stalactite outlined by color lights. The shape of the stalactite is very strange, especially the eight meter drop between the first and second rivers. The ship lifting device can Even people and boats fly to the top of the rock and enter the secondary river, which is breathtaking and exciting.

Wave rock beach

The most important thing to experience in the golden beach of Langshi is to experience the rafting, which is a bright spot of the scenic spot, and the rafting is relatively gentle. On the bamboo rafts, you can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the Taiwan Strait leisurely. Besides the bamboo rafts, you can experience the Dragon boat competition, water park and other water projects, and there are many farmhouses in the scenic spot that can taste many local dishes.

The Fuchun River

The scenery on both sides of Fuchun River is very beautiful. When you take a cruise boat to watch the wind pipes on both sides, the whole person is very relaxed and comfortable. The most beautiful scenic section is the section of the small Three Gorges on Fuchun River, which has beautiful scenery. There are many places of interest along the bank for you to enjoy. Among them, the most famous scenic spot is the diaotai of Yanziling. It is named after Yanziling's seclusion here. It's worth visiting for its tea tasting and fish singing.

Baiyun source

If you want to find a place with fresh air to wash your lungs, baiyunyuan is a good place. The original ecological environment is very good. Besides the Fuchun River bar, you can go up the mountain path, appreciate the Bitan and the stream, enjoy the cool and pure air in the deep mountain, and finally go to see the big dragon's gate flying straight down to feel the magnificent waterfall.

What's the fun in Tonglu, Zhejiang? I recommend some good scenic spots for you. Don't miss these scenic spots if you go to visit them. They are also popular in Tonglu, and the scenery is very pleasant.