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What are the hot springs in Jinan? Four famous springs in Jinan

When we were young, we all knew Baotu Spring in Jinan was the best spring in the world, but what we read orally is that there are four famous springs in Jinan, so what are the four famous springs in Jinan?

What are the four famous springs in Jinan

Baotu Spring

Baotu Spring is known as the world's first spring, and also the 'head of 72 springs' in Jinan. In fact, we didn't know Baotu Spring as a scenic spot for a long time ago, mainly because of Mr. Lao She's Baotu Spring, which let our group of people know such a place,. And tourists come here to have a look at the magnificent eruption of Baotu Spring. Baotu Spring is the main view of the park. The spring water is divided into three parts. It is clear and clear. It pours day and night. When the water is in full bloom, it can reach several feet. Only when you see it with your own eyes can you feel its magnificence.

Black tiger spring

Heihu spring is one of the four famous springs in Jinan. Although it is not as famous as Baotu Spring, it is the most powerful spring in Jinan. The surrounding scenery is particularly charming. Meanwhile, it is a natural cave with a depth of about three meters. In the middle and far of the night, it's more like a roar of a tiger, so the spring got its name. The spring water flows into the square spring pool, the spring water in the pool is clear, the green algae floats, then flows into the moat, and finally forms a waterfall, so the black tiger spring has become a big scenic spot in the park around the city.

Pearl Spring

Pearl spring is the most quiet of the four famous springs. There is no need for tickets here. It's like a park with a lot of leisure, waiting for people to find it. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was the residence of the governor of Shandong Province. Pearl spring water is as clear as green. Standing on the floating Ji Pavilion on the South Bank of the pool, we can see a string of white bubbles gushing out from the bottom of the pool not far away from the pool, like floating pearls, so it is called "Pearl Spring".

Five Dragon Lake

Wulongtan is one of the four famous springs in Jinan. It is close to Baotu Spring. The environment here is better. Besides, there are other small springs and some old residence exhibition halls. Exhibition hall, former site of Shandong provincial leading organs and other scenic spots. April and October are the best time to visit Wulongtan park every year, especially in April when flowers are blooming and the fragrance is pleasant. It is the best time to enjoy flowers and spring.

This is the introduction of four famous springs in Jinan. If there is anything unclear, you can search the content on the Internet again, and I believe it can be solved.