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Where can I travel with you? A place for adventure

Female friends always like to invite their girlfriends to travel together, but there are also many male compatriots who like to travel together with their good friends. The travel between brothers is not as quiet as that between girls. The travel between boys must be crazy. So, where is the best place for brothers to travel together?

Where can I travel

Nu River

The scenery of Nujiang River is very charming, and the most famous one must be the Grand Canyon of Nujiang River, which is very steep. Male compatriots can start a hiking trip here with their friends. The steep canyon, the surging river and the ancient trees on both sides are like a magnificent picture. Young men who like hiking and photography, maybe you want to travel millions of times, but there is no scenery to attract you. Nujiang River will never let you down.

Weng Dingcun

When you come to Wengding village, you can experience the primitive Wa People's simple customs, and the people here are very warm and hospitable. Whenever there are tourists coming, they will play wooden drums and sing songs to welcome the tourists. If you think you are brave enough and like the feeling of heartbeat acceleration, then Wengding can let you find some ancient sacrificial culture and those unconfirmed stories~ But Xiaobian said first, everything here is the most primitive, and we must respect the local customs here!


Although Lijiang is full of strong commercial atmosphere and has been over developed, it is a famous "holy land of sexual encounters". Many young men and women will come here. Maybe they can meet a love here. In fact, many such ancient towns are suitable for single men to stroll around.


A place suitable for traveling with brothers? Chongqing is not just hot pot. As the most potential city in the west, Chongqing is absolutely suitable for men. There are not only spicy hot pot, but also straightforward and lovely Chongqing girls. There are many beautiful women in Chongqing. Maybe they can hold hands with a girl to go home.


Many male compatriots also like Dunhuang. Mogao Grottoes, Yueya spring and Yadan Geopark are all very famous tourist attractions. Dunhuang's scenic spots are scattered and far away. It can be roughly divided into: the east line scenic spot and the west line scenic spot, which are also two classic routes of Dunhuang Tourism.

Some questions about places suitable for traveling with brothers have been introduced to you. In fact, as long as it's a place you like, no matter where you go, it's good to be accompanied by brothers. Hurry to see if there's any place suitable for traveling with brothers that you like.