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Take stock of Suzhou's major food streets! A card punching resort for foodies

Suzhou is not only a place worthy of traveling, but also a place of origin for many special cuisines. Therefore, when traveling to Suzhou, you must try the cuisines of Suzhou. Suzhou food street is a place where many people have to go to eat. Especially those who go to Suzhou, they will definitely go to Suzhou food street to taste authentic Suzhou food. So, which is the best food street in Suzhou?

Suzhou Shantang Street

Shantang street is quite famous in Suzhou. When it comes to Suzhou food street, you will think of it here. If you don't go to Suzhou, it's a pity. Shantang street is located in the northwest of the ancient city of Suzhou, so it's very busy. You can come here to have dinner in the morning and evening. You can stroll around in the daytime. You can also eat the delicious food in the night market in the evening. It's very popular. Suzhou's delicious food is very rich here. You can try it if you have a chance.

Suzhou Library mutton Street

Suzhou book and mutton street, as the name suggests, is a Suzhou food street that eats mutton. Suzhou mutton is not simple. It has its own signboard, which is called "book and mutton". It has a long history. It is quite popular in Suzhou area. It is also made with great attention to practice. It has unique cooking skills. Book and mutton street is the best place to eat book and mutton, with color, fragrance and taste Famous all over the country, authentic Suzhou's century old traditional food, there are more than 50 mutton restaurants here, many choices.

Pingjiang Road, Suzhou

Pingjiang road is an old historical street in Suzhou. It has a profound history and culture. It is also the most complete historical street preserved in the ancient city of Suzhou so far. It is a famous local tourist attraction. Pingjiang road is also a well-known Suzhou food street. The food here has local characteristics. Many large restaurants have branches here. It's right to choose here for eating food and seeing the beautiful scenery.

Suzhou Stone Road Food Street

Suzhou Shilu food street is in Shilu pedestrian street. It's mainly a place for shopping. There are shopping malls, shopping malls, and many famous restaurants for eating. So it's a good choice for tourists. The shape and color of people here are full of snacks and delicacies on both sides of the street. There's a drink street in the new wind lane, and there's a place for eating western fast food, mom's rice noodle fire Pot, buy mutton kebab, Suzhou Begonia cake, all to eat!

Suzhou Shiquan Street

Shiquan Street in Suzhou is still very big. It is said to be 2004 meters long. It was originally called "Shiquan Street". Shiquan Street is a new building with Ming and Qing style. It has beautiful scenery and many gourmet shops. There are many kinds of restaurants and various cuisines. Shiquan Street is not only a famous bar street in Suzhou, but also a well-known bar street in Suzhou. Don't miss the little friends who like drinking and playing.