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What are some interesting places in Suzhou? Suzhou must play

Speaking of Suzhou, we should all be familiar with the tourist city. There are many interesting scenic spots in Suzhou. As a famous scenic city in China, there are many interesting scenic spots in Suzhou. What are the necessary scenic spots in Suzhou? Which people are suitable for them?

Ancient town of Mu Du

The history of Mudu ancient town is as long as that of Suzhou ancient town. This ancient water town itself is rare and common. Along the main street, Shantang street, classical gardens, such as Yanjia garden, hongyinshan house, Gusong garden and Bangyan mansion, have brought the characteristics of "garden ancient town". The tourist Center (ticket office) is at the west end of Shantang street.

Suzhou Museum

The Suzhou Museum consists of two parts: the new museum opened in 2006 and the old building (old museum) of the zhongwangfu of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. The whole museum is like a small garden. In the new museum, you can see ancient and modern pottery, jade, calligraphy and painting and other cultural relics; in the Zhongwang mansion, you can also see beautiful and elegant 'Soviet style color painting'. The gate of the new hall is the entrance, and the gate of the loyal palace is the exit. After entering the museum, you can enjoy the new building. It is designed by the architect I.M. Pei. It has a traditional Suzhou garden style. It is scattered in height. The dark grey roof matches the white wall, fresh and elegant.

Baimajian Longchi scenic spot

Baimajian dragon pool scenic spot is located in the north of Tianping mountain in Suzhou. It is said that in the spring and Autumn period, it was the place where King Wu raised horses and King Yue Goujian lay down for hardships. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty visited this place when he went down to the south of the Yangtze river. In the scenic spot, there are Yinma pool, Qianlong imperial monument with "Mingjing yangyungen" and other related historic sites. But for the local people, it's a good place for outing and leisure. There are barbecue, boating and children's paradise under the mountain. If you want to climb the mountain, the mountain is not high. There are trees on both sides of the footpath. The environment is very good. It's not tiring to play in a circle. It's suitable for the family to go out together.

Eslite Bookstore

This is the first branch of Taiwan Chengpin bookstore in mainland China. It is not so much a bookstore, but a comprehensive building with bookstore as the main body. The whole building is built with a strong sense of design. From the east gate, you can see the landmark 72 steps with a height of 18 meters and a width of 6 meters, which is very grand. A large number of books are sold in the bookstore, and the area for customers to sit down and read books is carefully marked out. In addition, exquisite stationery stores, dessert stores, coffee shops, catering stores, and clothing stores are distributed on all floors. Many brands come from Taiwan, where literary and art youth can spend a whole day.

Shajiabang scenic spot

Shajiabang is located more than 10 kilometers south of Changshu City and north of Yangcheng Lake. It is famous for the Beijing Opera model play Shajiabang. The TV play Shajiabang is also shot here. In the scenic spot, you can see the scenes in the play, take a boat to go deep into reed marsh and enjoy the beautiful wetland scenery. Lotus is in full bloom in summer scenic spot, you can enjoy lotus.

These scenic spots are all the ones recommended by Xiaobian to visit in Suzhou. My friends should come to visit them as soon as possible.