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What is the best travel time of Qinghai Lake? What are the tourism ways of Qinghai Lake?

In recent years, Qinghai Hukou is also a popular scenic spot, many people are attracted to it. When you travel to Qinghai Lake, you must go at the right time to see the most beautiful scenery. When the blue sky, white clouds, lake water and sea of flowers form a line, this is the most beautiful and charming time of Qinghai Lake. Cycling around the lake is the best way to play. Then, how many months is Qinghai Lake suitable to go?

Qinghai Lake is suitable for months

The most beautiful moment of Qinghai Lake is when thousands of mu of rape flowers bloom on the lakeside, which will attract many tourists from all directions to watch. Therefore, the most suitable month to go to Qinghai Lake is July and August. There are large areas of rape flowers open on the lakeside, yellow flower fields and endless blue lake water complement each other, with beautiful scenery. Besides, some other scenic spots have been developed around Qinghai Lake, There are Erlang sword, bird island, sand island, gold and silver beach, Atomic City and so on, which can be arranged according to their own travel schedule.

Of course, in addition to July and August, you can also visit Qinghai Lake at other times, but the scenery is not as beautiful as that in July and August. May October is the best time to travel around Qinghai Lake. In order to avoid a large number of people and give yourself the most perfect riding experience, it is recommended that you choose May June or September October to go to Qinghai Lake for riding. April June is the best time for bird watching on Bird Island. In addition, when Qinghai Lake is frozen for thousands of miles in winter, you can also feel another kind of natural majesty.

The above has told you the best travel time of Qinghai Lake. July and August are the peak season and the most beautiful time for Qinghai Lake tourism. At this time, the passenger flow is very large and the tourists have many years, so the friends who want to go should book the tickets and hotels in advance.