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How high is the tower in Tokyo? What's special about the Tokyo Tower?

Tokyo Sky Tower, also translated as Tokyo Sky Tree, won the Guinness world record certification as "the world's tallest tower" on November 17, 2011, becoming the world's tallest self-supporting radio tower and the world's second tallest building, second only to Khalifa tower in Dubai. So, how high is the tower in Tokyo? What is the purpose of building the Tokyo Sky Tower?

The purpose of the tower is to reduce the radio wave transmission barrier caused by the high-rise buildings in the center of Tokyo, And his biggest role is the transmission of digital broadcasting on the ground. People also expect to play the role of tall tower as a disaster prevention function in the event of disasters. Today, the tower is not only the outlook station, it has become a large-scale comprehensive commercial building complex integrating shopping, catering and entertainment, and there are an endless stream of visitors here.

The color design of Tokyo Sky Tower is to carefully consider the harmony of the surrounding landscape and the name and design concept of "creating a city landscape beyond time and space: the integration of traditional Japanese beauty and future design", which is full of original color "sky white". This is a Japanese traditional color, the most elegant 'blue and white' as the tone of the original color.

The base of the tower is a triangle, which gradually turns into a circle, and a viewing platform is set up at 350 meters and 450 meters respectively, and tickets are sold in two sections. That is to say, if you only buy 350 meters tickets, you can only visit and browse at 350 meters. If you want to go to the platform at 450 meters, you have to buy 350 meters tickets first, and then buy 450 meters tickets. The total package tickets of the two platforms are 4000 yen , equivalent to about 280 yuan.

To get from 350 meters to 450 meters, you have to take another elevator. The service staff basically don't know Chinese, but it doesn't matter. The notice board has Chinese prompts. And there are tickets for 450 meters platform at 350 meters platform, which can be supplemented at any time. But there are a lot of people in the 350 meters. They can hardly walk. They have to use the squeeze position.

I think the 350-450 meter sightseeing elevator is a bright spot. It's fast, but it has little weight loss. It's 100 meters away. The transparent glass on the top of the elevator penetrates the blue light. Suddenly, it feels like a star wars, just like coming to outer space.

Skywatch deck, the 'deck' is divided into three layers (340, 345 and 350), 340-350m away from the ground, and directly from the elevator to 350. There are more than 5m transparent glass around, which can be 360 & deg; to view the scene from the bottom of the tower to about 70km. You can use stairs or escalators to walk freely on these three floors.

Tianwang cloister, take the elevator from 350 to 445, and it takes about 30 seconds. Walk along the 110m long ramp corridor to the 450th floor to enjoy the 'air walk'.