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What are the interesting places in Beidaihe? Four most beautiful parks in Beidaihe

Beidaihe is a well-known River in China. It is not only one of the most beautiful bird watching spots in the world, but also the same name of Beidaihe District because of its super high forest coverage, which is also known as "natural oxygen bar". Do you want to see what kind of beautiful scenery Beidaihe has? What kind of interesting parks does Beidaihe have?

Dove Nest Park

Pigeon Nest Park is one of the necessary tourist attractions to Beidaihe, and it is also a famous 4A tourist attraction. Because it is the best place to watch sunrise nearby, it is also a good place for many photographers to watch birds and take photos. However, bird watching generally needs to wait until spring and autumn, when migratory birds migrate, and the peak of tourism When there are always full of tourists here, many little friends can't get in, so it's better to travel on the wrong peak.

Bilota sea bar Park

Biluota sea bar park is a favorite place for young people who come to Beidaihe for tourism. It can be a fresh style of literature and art, or a bonfire garden full of enthusiasm. In the daytime, you can often see couples taking wedding photos on the beach. In the evening, it becomes a passionate bar night. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you can hit with didi at night If you don't get to the car, it's better to walk to the street and wave.

Laohushi Marine Park

Laohushi marine park is also a very famous seaside scenic spot in Beidaihe. It not only has a bathing beach with a history of over 100 years, but also has a variety of fun entertainment projects. Because of its large area, our friends can choose their own interests and hobbies to play. Here, no matter the quality of sand or water is very good, it is also very suitable for sightseeing, fishing, or finding a comfortable one It's good to lie down and have a rest.

Qinhuangdao Ye Wildlife Park

Qinhuangdao YeYe zoo is the largest zoo in Qinhuangdao. There are many precious species in it. You can take the children here to visit, see new animals and broaden their horizons. This weekend is also more suitable for a family to come out for leisure and tourism. At the same time, it's cool in summer, and it's a good summer resort.

The tourism strategy of Beidaihe is introduced here for my friends. If any of them like this beautiful tourist city, they must go to the above tourist attractions.