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What's the matter with a barbecue of 200 million yuan? Netizen: This is the most expensive barbecue

April 18 - at the end of last year, two students in Italy were charged with setting fire to the forest because of a barbecue. Recently, the court announced their punishment. The two students have to pay 27 million euros (about 200 million yuan) in fines. Does this punishment make sense? What punishment will they face?

The 22-year-old students barbecue with friends near Lake Como in northern Italy for the new year on December 30, local prosecutors said, according to the BBC and the daily mail. The embers of the barbecue, combined with the extremely dry environment, eventually led to the fire. The fire lasted several days, burning 2471 acres of forest, causing irreversible damage.

In addition to large forests, several local buildings were destroyed and all livestock in one of them were burned to death, the Italian newspaper of the Republic reported earlier. It is reported that the amount of huge fines for the two students was calculated by local officials according to a formula. The formula is used to determine the degree of loss caused by fire.

Although their behavior has led to such serious consequences, but after knowing the result of their punishment, the two students did not say that they would bear all the responsibilities. In an interview with the Italian news, one of the students said he was' deeply sorry ', but there were many factors that triggered the fire.

One of the students directly told the local media that they were 'scapegoats' for the fire and said' (we) immediately informed the fire brigade to try to put out the fire. '

Even the lawyers for the two students questioned the result: 'what's the point of imposing such administrative sanctions & hellip; & hellip; clearly knows that the two boys, who are still students, can't afford to pay. '

It is not clear how the two students will pay the huge fine, and their lawyers will have three weeks to challenge the amount in an administrative court.