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What treasures does Baoji have? What are the suitable places for Baoji to travel?

The first impression of Baoji's name is what it looks like on the map in China. At the same time, it's really a treasure land like its name. There are many people here to visit. Where is Baoji? What are the suitable places for Baoji to travel?

Baoji is suitable for Tourism

Famen Temple

Famen Temple is a famous Buddhist holy land in China. It is not only charming in scenery, but also full of incense. What is most famous is all kinds of treasures stored in the temple, especially a piece of "finger bone relics" of Sakyamuni, which makes the temple famous. Now the temple has become two parts, one is the site of the Tang Dynasty, the other is a new place. You can go in and visit it. There is also a treasure beside it Many unearthed treasures are displayed here.

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park

Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is a place suitable for hiking. There are many forests here, mainly because it is the main vein of the Qinling Mountains, and the scenery here is particularly beautiful. The mountains are covered with snow all the year round, even in summer, it is a good place for summer. Climbing here is the most important way for tourists to browse. Of course, when climbing, you must follow the climbing path Line walk, can't walk unusual road alone, afraid of encountering any accident.

Baoji bronze Museum

Baoji bronze museum is one of the most representative scenic spots of Baoji. Because Baoji has a good reputation as the hometown of bronze, if you are interested in history, you can't miss this place. Baoji bronze Museum mainly displays the bronze treasures unearthed from Baoji, such as he Zun, Qin Gongzhong, golden handle iron sword, etc., which were once famous in China Rare treasures with high reputation both inside and outside.

Jin Tai Guan

Jintai temple was once a very famous place where Zhang Sanfeng, a Taoist, practised Taoism. It was also the birthplace of Taijiquan in China. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, the government allocated funds for many times to maintain the ancient buildings of Jintai temple, which was later built as Baoji Museum. Baoji Museum belongs to the local history museum. Over the years, it has collected more than 14000 cultural relics, most of which are from Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasties. It is also a place worth visiting.