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Where is the Pink Lake in Melbourne? The killing machine behind the holy land for tourists to punch

A lake in Westgate Park, Australia, turned into a 'Pink Lake' due to its high salinity Thursday, becoming a holy place for tourists to punch in and take photos. However, it's unexpected that such beautiful scenery hides danger. Why do you say that?

Recently, the 'Pink Lake' in Melbourne port, Australia, has become the most popular 'photo holy land', many tourists flock here to take photos and punch cards, but the seemingly 'gentle and beautiful' lake water is hidden in danger. If you accidentally fall into the lake, the salt lake water may hurt people's skin.

On March 4, 2019 local time, Melbourne, Australia, a local lake appears pink. This is because of its extreme salt content and the impact of high temperature weather, which makes the color of the lake bright pink. It looks like it is polluted by toxic substances.

Lake water can irritate the skin

Under the influence of social media, Pink Lake in Ximen Park, Melbourne port, Australia, has become a popular photo resort. Thousands of tourists come to the river to take photos every day. Some of them pose with their backs to the lake, and others take photos near the river, which will easily fall into the lake.

Although the lake has become a hit card destination for social media users, amateur models should not try to get the perfect shot in the water, said Phil Pegler, park conservation planning and project manager in Victoria.

"In order to protect the sensitive salt marsh vegetation around the lake, we require visitors to observe all signs and not to cross any barriers," pigra said

'the water depth around the lake and the hardness and softness of the soil are changing. In some places, the lakeshore will suddenly tilt, and there are unknown objects under the water. To ensure the safety of tourists, people should stay away from the lakeshore and stay in the marked area. We advise people to avoid contact with the lake because it's very salty and can irritate people's skin ', pigra said.

Taking photos by the lake needs to bear the strange smell

According to reports, although the photos with Pink Lake on social media are very beautiful, one thing these photos can't convey is the smell.

"Yes, there's a slight sulfur smell that's consistent with the mineral composition," pigra said. "It depends on where you stand and the wind direction. '

It is reported that once the temperature rises to a certain degree every year, the salt in the lake water of Ximen park will become higher, and the algal salt bacteria and light temperature in the lake will produce a lot of & beta; carotene, which will cause the lake water to appear pink, but with the weather cooling and rainfall increasing, the lake will return to normal color in the next few weeks.

It is reported that Westgate park is not the only color lake in Victoria, Australia. Murray sunset National Park in Western Victoria also has many beautiful pink lakes.