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What flowers can Shenzhen enjoy in April? Where do you go to enjoy flowers in Shenzhen in April?

As soon as April came, Shenzhen opened the "colorful mode". Flame wood, huanghuafengsuzuki, kapok, azalea & hellip; & hellip; all kinds of flowers competed in all corners of the city. Some roads, such as Qianhai road and even huanghuafengsuzuki, became the online red road. So, which flowers can Shenzhen enjoy in April?


Alias: Bougainvillea and Bougainvillea

Places to enjoy flowers: all parks are cultivated, among which Lianhuashan park is planted more.

Rattan shrub, with many varieties, strong adaptability, easy maintenance, colorful bracts and many flowers, is the city flower of Shenzhen, Xiamen, Zhuhai and other cities in China and the national flower of Zambia.

Indian Hawthorn

Alias: spring flower, wheel plum

Flower viewing place: Malian mountain country park.

Evergreen shrubs. Leaves gathered at the top of branches, ovate, oblong, thinly obovate or oblong lanceolate, margin with fine obtuse serrations. Terminal panicle or raceme, petals 5, white or reddish.

Callistemon viminalis

Alias: chuanqianliu

Places to enjoy flowers: Lianhuashan Park, Honghu Park, litchi Park, yuanboyuan Park and people's Park.

Small evergreen trees. Branches and inflorescences droop, flowers bright red.

Bauhinia blakeana

Alias: Horseshoe, Bauhinia

Places to enjoy flowers: East Lake Park, Bijiashan Park, Central Park, litchi Park and Lianhuashan park.

Petals pink, short and wide, one of which has a crimson stripe.

Heritiera angustata

Alias: white Nan, big leaf silver leaf tree

Places to enjoy flowers: Lianhuashan Park, Shenzhen Bay Park.

Evergreen trees. Leaves oblong lanceolate, abaxially silvery white. Panicle, flowers numerous and dense, calyx altar shaped, red. The top of the drupe has wings.


Alias: Fusang, dahonghua

Places to enjoy flowers: there are many varieties planted in Shenzhen Bay Park, and other parks also have cultivation.

Evergreen shrubs. The flowers are solitary and large, with single petals and double petals. The common colors are red, white, yellow, pink, peach, etc.


Alias: bright Rhododendron, Rhododendron

Place of flower appreciation: it is cultivated in all municipal parks (Rhododendron Garden in East Lake Park is planted intensively).

Semi evergreen shrub. Umbel 1-3, corolla wide funnel-shaped, purple, the top 1 lobe has dark purple spots. Rhododendron and Rhododendron are usually accompanied by Rhododendron and Rhododendron.


Alias: Phoenix fruit

Places to enjoy flowers: Lianhuashan Park, Yuanbo Park, Shenzhen Bay Park.

Evergreen trees. Leaves nearly leathery, oblong or elliptic. The calyx is milky white at the beginning, then turns light red, 5 lobes unite at the top. Follicles are bright red when mature, oblong, beaked at the top, and seeds are dark brown.

Zhu Ding LAN

Alias: Amaryllis, gutinghua

Places to enjoy flowers: Shenzhen Bay Park, Central Park.

Herbs perennial. Leaves basal, broad-band. Umbel on top of scape, funnel-shaped, often orange red, lobes 6.

Mandarin duck and jasmine

Alias: two color Jasmine

Places to enjoy flowers: Honghu Park, Dashahe Park, Donghu Park, etc.

Shrubs evergreen, leaves alternate, lanceolate. The flowers are solitary or several, forming a short cyme; the Corolla is funnel-shaped, initially blue and purple, and then gradually becomes light blue or white. There are also light blue and white, with fragrance.