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What's fun in Gubei water town? Recommendation of interesting scenic spots in Gubei water town

Gubeishui town is a popular tourist attraction in recent years in Beijing. Eating delicious food, climbing the great wall and soaking in hot springs are the most comfortable experiences here. In Beijing, a bustling and noisy metropolis, it is also a quiet place hidden in the city. Today, I'd like to tell you something about gubeishui town?

What's fun in Gubei water town

Sima Xiaoshao distillery

This is the most famous wine workshop in Shuizhen, Gubei, which adopts the ancient brewing technology. When you enter the workshop, you will come face-to-face with the strong wine flavor. In addition to free tasting, you can also watch the whole process of the ancient brewing and the visit of the brewing equipment. Your favorite friends may as well buy some small wine to go home as a companion gift.

Yongshun dyeing house

When you enter the dyeing house, there is a kind of Citrus in the TV play, which is absolutely the ideal place for ladies to take photos. The colorful dyeing cloth in the yard is basked on the high bamboo pole and gently swayed in the breeze. This scene is very beautiful. Here you can learn about the knowledge and process of Chinese printing and dyeing technology, and interested friends can also do DIY works by themselves as a souvenir.

Earthquake far Bureau

If you are interested in the ancient escort agency, don't miss it if you want to know more about the history of the agency. Zhenyuan escort agency shows the hard work of the escort agency's whole life, including the scene of receiving, discussing and transporting escorts, as well as many interactive scenes for tourists to experience, such as training in the martial arts field, you can go up and have a try.

Matchmaker Temple

As soon as I hear the name, I know that this is the place to pray for marriage. No one's friend has come here to pray. A friend who has an object can go to the temple to ask for a autograph, and then write down the message of love under the hanging of the wind chime to pray for a long time of his love.