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How much does a week's travel cost in Myanmar? How long does 5000 yuan last?

Nowadays, with the increasing pressure of society, many people will choose to travel to relax their mood. In the process of travel, they can broaden their horizons and further understand what the world is like. But in the process of travel costs are also relatively high, and even some people prefer to travel abroad. So, how much does a week's trip to Myanmar cost? How long does 5000 yuan last?

Although Myanmar's economic development level is not very high, but the tourism resources here are very rich, and compared with other Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar has also left a good impression on people's tourism, where there are very few tourists. 5000 yuan, or about 1.12 million yuan, is a 'Millionaire' in Myanmar. Many people also joked that traveling in Myanmar can enjoy the addiction of millionaires, which is also a good travel experience. How long can I travel to Myanmar with 5000 yuan?

In fact, Myanmar is also a coastal country, so the local marine resources are very rich, and these seafood are very cheap, in the eyes of Chinese tourists, it is almost cabbage price. Because some seafood barbecues in China are often worth hundreds of yuan, but you can enjoy a rich seafood feast here, but it doesn't cost much. It's really worth more. In addition, when traveling to Myanmar, we will not worry about excessive economic consumption. Unlike some domestic tourist places, the price is exorbitant, and the wallet is bleeding when traveling, which is really not affordable.

Hotels and guesthouses in Myanmar are also very cheap. If you have general conditions, you can choose some youth hotels, which are only about 12000 Myanmar dollars a night. It's about 50-80 yuan. It's cheaper. If you choose a hotel with good conditions, the price of one night is about 100 yuan, and another high-end 200 yuan is enough. In fact, what kind of hotel to stay in depends on your economic ability.

According to the general consumption level, the cost of a day includes meal, accommodation, travel, play and so on. The cost of meal is about 25000 Myanmar yuan, the cost of accommodation is about 30000 Myanmar yuan, the cost of travel accounts for 10000 Myanmar yuan, and the cost of going out for play is about 30000 Myanmar yuan. So the cost of a day is about 150000 Burmese dollars. If you travel to Myanmar with 5000 yuan and change it into 1.1 million Burmese dollars, you can play for about a week. Compared with some high consumption places in China, it's more cost-effective to travel abroad. Of course, it's just pure play. If we add some other tourism features, the cost will be higher. What's your opinion on this?