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Where is the most worthwhile place to visit for the first time in Thailand?

Thailand has always been the first choice destination for Chinese outbound tourism, because it is a country with high cost performance in Southeast Asia, and it is easy to apply for visas. The main reason is that there are many beautiful islands and they are very suitable for friends who go abroad for the first time. Which island should they choose for their first trip to Thailand? There are so many islands in Thailand that many people wonder which one is the most worth visiting?

1. Locke Island

The island has not been fully developed, but it still maintains the original island style. The sea water is also relatively clear and the sand is soft. Friends who want to dive can come here. When snorkeling, they can see a lot of coral groups and colorful fish. However, it is not recommended to spend the night here, because there is no hotel on the island, so they can only rent tents.

2. Rebecca

Libai island has the reputation of "Thailand Maldives". The whole island environment is well preserved, and there are not many tourists at ordinary times. It's very suitable for quiet tourists. Because the whole island is not big, you can play through it in about three days. You can blow your hair on the island or go snorkeling to explore the beautiful underwater world.

3, Ko Tao

Tao island is also called "tortoise island", because it looks like a tortoise, so it gets its name. It is also a famous diving Holy Land in Thailand. You can't miss it for diving control friends. Tao island is far away from the crowd, and often can enjoy the luxury of hundreds of meters of beach with only one person, but the traffic is a little busy, but it's worth all.

4. Elephant Island

It's needless to say that xiangdao has been on fire since the variety show "Chinese restaurant" was broadcast. Come here before it's over commercialized. The island, which has not been destroyed by the mountains and environmental protection, is like a secluded country. You can snorkel and fish here, or you can experience the daily simple life of local fishermen.

5, Gu Dao

Gu island, also known as dogbone Island, is the fourth largest island in Thailand. It is also considered to be an island with less development. Most of the people who come to this island are Thai locals and some sporadic foreign friends. The original tropical rainforest is preserved here, as well as the traditional residential fishing villages. The people are simple and the scenery is charming. It's worth visiting.

There are too many big and small islands in Thailand, such as Phuket Island, Pattaya island and Sumei Island, which have been over developed, so we can't understand the original island style. Aiming at the question of which island to choose for the first time to Thailand, the editor introduced some relatively primitive and small islands, especially suitable for emptying ourselves.