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What is the best value for Thailand tourism? Thailand travel is the best way to buy these things

In recent years, traveling abroad has become a new way of leisure. In fact, it is cheaper to travel abroad than to travel in China. As a country with low consumption level, Thailand has become a country that many people must go to for tourism. Traveling to Thailand is not only cheap for round-trip air tickets, but also very cost-effective for food, housing and shopping. So, what's good for Thai tourism?

Herb Basics

This is a local skin care brand of Chiang Mai. The raw materials are all pure natural plant herbal extracts. Only Chiang Mai sells them, which is the most worth buying. There are essential oils, handmade soap, lip balm, hand cream and body milk and so on. Among them, the hand soap has a good smell and a lovely shape. Lipstick is 39 baht, about 8 yuan.

Wofo brand herbal ointment

Herbal ointment is one of the essential medicines for Thai families. It can be said that it is Thailand's version of golden oil, and the best and most famous one is the Sleeping Buddha brand. What mosquito bites, carsickness and seasickness, redness, swelling and pain, bruises and sprains are very effective.

Superscript menthol nasal

It can prevent carsickness and seasickness, refresh your mind, and treat insect bites. Split the upper and lower ends, you can unscrew the upper cover and smell it, or unscrew the lower drip and wipe it.

Counterpain pain ointment

It can be divided into two types: warm type (red) and cool type (blue). The blue version has peppermint in it, which is refreshing to use. It has a good effect on muscle ache, sports bruise and sprain.

Lanna Foot Patch

Lanna family has a high cost performance. If you want to improve your sleep, you can try the Lanna foot patch in Thailand. It is not only a first-class detoxification and health care effect, but also can make your sleep slowly improve after long-term use.

If you plan to travel to Thailand, you can also pay attention to Thailand's cosmetics. There are many good things. What good things are worth buying in Thailand tourism? The above things are very easy to use!