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What is the flower language of Lavender? Check the people who lavender is suitable for sending

When it comes to lavender, you will think of Provence, France, where the lavender manor is famous all over the world. Because France is a very romantic country, in fact, you should also think of the word romance about lavender flower language. So, what is the flower language of Lavender?

Flower language of lavender

Lavender flower language: as long as you breathe hard, you can see the miracle, romance, meet again with love, and wait for the miracle of love

You should also feel that lavender's flower language is actually a little sad, waiting for your love, which does not mean that love has arrived, because Lavender's color is mostly purple, and purple gives people a very mysterious and melancholy feeling, so its flower language is also given a melancholy color. In fact, the fragrance of lavender is also light, melancholy but not bitter. I came to lavender manor with the determination to wait for love, but also to find true love. Lavender also has the symbolic meaning of romance and good luck. I hope you can meet your true love in this lavender.

In fact, lavender is not only purple, but also blue, white and pink. Different colors of lavender flower language are actually related to love, but slightly different. Let's take a look at different colors of lavender flower language!

1. Purple Lavender: waiting for the miracle of love

2. Blue Lavender: the love of heart and soul

3. White Lavender: you can see miracles just by breathing hard

4. Pink Lavender: waiting for you to love me, first love

Now you should know more about Lavender's flower language. In fact, although Lavender's main flower language means love, it's not only for lovers. Now let's talk about who is the right person to send lavender to!

Who is lavender for

1, lovers

As has been said in the introduction above, lavender represents waiting for love, so lavender is a very suitable bouquet for expressing love. Choosing lavender to express your love represents your implicit and sincere love. The rose expression has rotted in the street these days. If a boy meets someone he likes, he can send her a bunch of lavender to look forward to the beginning of your love 。

2, friends

In fact, although Lavender represents more love, it is also a kind of flower bouquet suitable for giving to friends. Giving a handful of lavender to a friend represents your love for her. Your friendship is very beautiful, and I hope your friendship will continue to be so beautiful.

3, elders

In fact, it's also very good to choose lavender to give to the elders. The fragrance of lavender has the function of calming the nerves and helping sleep. Most of the elders in the family can't sleep well because they are old. Choosing a bunch of lavender dry flowers to give to the elders and putting them in the room can give them a safe sleep and also reflect your filial piety to the elders.