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Do you remember Hongcun, the scene of Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon? Is Hongcun suitable for family

Hongcun, speaking of this place, many people may not have heard of it! Hongcun is a very well-known Anhui architectural village, located in Huangshan City. The big fire "Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon" was set here. Friends who haven't been to Hongcun can find a time to see this beautiful village, and some parents will take their children with them. How can we arrange to take them to Hongcun?

How to arrange for taking children to Hongcun

In fact, the area of Hongcun is not very large, but the scenic spots are relatively concentrated. It's enough to have a slow tour for almost a day. It's OK to walk all the way to all the small scenic spots. In general, the best time to go to Hongcun is the rape flower in March and April, and the autumn color in September. These two seasons are suitable. As for how to arrange the children to go to Hongcun, let's give you a tour road Line:

Nanhu (30 minutes) - Nanhu Academy (25 minutes) - Chengzhi Hall (40 minutes) - Yuetang (15 minutes) - Wang's ancestral hall (25 minutes) - Shuren Hall (15 minutes) - Taoyuanju (15 minutes) - ancient trees (10 minutes).

Huangshan Hongcun self help tour strategy

Internal traffic:

Generally, you can visit the whole Hongcun by walking. Some scenic spots around are not too far away. If you want to see rape flowers in March and April, you can choose to walk or rent a bike. The price is about twenty-one or thirty-one days. You can also ride to Lucun and Tachuan, which is just two or three kilometers. You can play while walking. All the way is accompanied by beautiful scenery.

Admission ticket:

Tickets can be purchased online at a lower price. Online booking is 94 yuan / person, and on-site buying is 104 yuan / person. After registration with ID card at the entrance of the scenic spot, you can enter and exit the scenic spot indefinitely within three days. Lu Village ticket is 50 yuan / person, and Tachuan ticket is 20 yuan / person, and on-site buying is OK.

Delicious food:

When you go to Hongcun, you must taste the Huizhou hairy tofu which has been on "China on the tip of the tongue". Maybe you don't like it for the first time. It's a bit sticky. You can taste it fresh, as well as some local pickles. Then it's served with pancakes. It's very appetizing and delicious. There are also local specialties, such as scrambled eggs with Wujiapi, Huangshan Shuangshi, braised duck legs, etc. basically, you can find one All the restaurants can eat these Anhui dishes.

Get accommodation:

You don't need to pay too much attention to accommodation. Just find a small inn to live in. It's very convenient to travel. It's good to find a comfortable and clean inn to live in.

Some friends who want to take their children to Hongcun must want to know how to arrange their children to Hongcun. The arrangement of the above route is quite good. It's also a simple self-help Tour strategy for Huangshan Hongcun. You can go sightseeing according to this route, or you can improve some on this basis.