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What are the interesting places in Singapore? Take stock of the must see attractions in Singapore

When it comes to Singapore, I think many friends want to go there! Indeed, a fairy tale world like Singapore is what everyone yearns for. So, where is the best place to travel to Singapore? What are the interesting tourist attractions in Singapore?

1. Riverside

Early in the morning, we set out from the hotel to go to the Merlion park. We walked along the Singapore River all the way. It took only 13 minutes to walk on the map. As a result, it took us an hour and a half to get to the Merlion. We can see how beautiful the scenery along the bank is. When the Merlion arrived just in time for the first stop of the tour group, we laughed at ourselves for picking up sesame seeds.

2. Merlion Park

After picking up sesame seeds, we went to Merlion park. From the beginning of seeing the crowd on the bridge, we knew that we couldn't take any good photos. Fortunately, we didn't have much interest in this landmark building. It's enough to have a look. It is suggested that you should arrive before 9 a.m. if you want to take a picture of nobody. Financial district and famous Fullerton Hotel, this good room can see the sands, breakfast is also a special pleasure along the river.

3. Binhai Bay

Take the subway to Binhai bay at noon. It's a big station, which can connect Jinsha and Binhai bay garden. First, I went to Jinsha shopping area for a tour, which is similar to Venetians in Macao. Besides the shopping area, there are also casinos and the most famous infinity pool. Before our trip, we considered the room price of Jinsha, and the hotel we stayed in also had infinity pool. We were not particularly interested in it, so we did not arrange this area. Budget OK friends can experience it.

4. Carat Wharf

I strolled around the carat wharf, just at sunset and dusk, both sides began to get busy. On one side is the shopping mall building, on the other side is a colorful house, all kinds of restaurants and snacks, which is considered to be the carat wharf business district. I especially like the atmosphere in the evening. It's going to be sunset. Many people are sitting on the steps along the coast. The old people holding hands and the dependent lovers are very romantic under the reflection of the sunset.

5. Universal Studios

Because we are going to finish Sentosa in one day, we are eager to buy fast track. On the domestic tourism app, the minimum is about 600 + to play around anticlockwise. Many people will row transformers and red grey line roller coasters first when entering the park. If you want to say suggestions, you must make good use of one-way! When we were in the middle of the gold and Jurassic rafting, we heard the broadcast saying that we were going to open a one-way trip, so we immediately got out of the team and shuasha basically finished it in 20 minutes.

Mainly these five scenic spots, I think you can play for more than 5 days, because every place will make you want to stay one more day, believe me!